Coming Soon & Last Chance: April 2020

Marvel Unlimited is staying afloat for a comparable price, and it has nothing but the comics.


If you weren’t sure about the service, why did you pay for the year rather than month to month?


It’s like I’ve said before: I didn’t join until they added the backlog of comics. That’s the whole point of having a DC subscription, no? While I’ve enjoyed some of the original content, I ultimately regard adaptations of the comics as secondary to the original comics themselves. That’s not to say that the adaptations have never lived up to or even exceeded the source material, but if I’m getting a DC app, it better be a DC comics app. (And no, I didn’t have DC All Access, either. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Any last chance watch alongs in the works?

Yes! I’ll be putting those up shortly.

There are already Watchalongs booked for Saturday and Sunday nights, so I’ve chosen one movie for Monday, the 30th (as determined by the votes above) as this month’s Last Chance WAL:

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Hey @GrundyWantsPants, just wanted to follow up and let you know that Wonder Twins #2 is now available on the service! :sparkles:


Now THAT’S some personalized service!

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The proper order to watch those movies in the same universe.

  1. Son of Batman
  2. Batman vs Robin
  3. Justice League: War
  4. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  5. Batman: Bad Blood
  6. Justice League vs Teen Titans
  7. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
  8. Death of Superman
  9. Reign of the Supermen
  10. Batman: Hush
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Are our choices limited to what we see on this list?

The ballot has already closed – we’ll be watching Assault on Arkham!

Yay, I needed some of those Justice League Movies to watch for the new Apokolips war

Glad to see the 1987 Spectre series finally getting some attention. :+1:

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Well at least I have some this dc animated movies on my apple iTunes, it’s good too have a back up plan

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Hey! I like The New Frontier movie a lot and am happy to see it coming. That could be because Darwyn Cooke is one of my all time favorite people to ever work in comics and I think The New Frontier is one of the most special works in all of DC’s catalog. It’s a tough book to adapt from a style and story-telling standpoint, but I think it was done the best justice it could be.

I will concur with everyone else that it is a huge bummer to see things go so often. Especially the animated movies. I feel like this really is THE place that the animated movies should occupy and are a huge draw to this service to begin with. I still love DCU. I have multiple book cases filled with DC trades and hardcovers that I could pull off the shelf and read rather than subscribe, but I still love having access to the movies and tv as well as the convenience of reading anything, even what I already own in print, on my ipad. I have faith DCU will continue to improve and do the fans and subscribers right by becoming more consistent in the movie/ show department. I’m sure most of us love rewatching most of these animated movies and shows often and a big part of subscribing is knowing we can always come back to them AND expect more new content in the future! :grin:

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To be fair, its just the movie section that gets rotated out every month.


I still think the Burton Bat and Reeve Superman’s should never rotate out.

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WB doesn’t own the rights to the Batman movies. They have to pay licensing fees for them that’s why they don’t stay here for long.

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Michael Uslan owns all movie and TV rights to Batman.

He was granted this at a time when the Warner Brothers management he negotiated with believed that Batman had no future in this area.

He also owns similar rights to Swamp Thing including all characters created there, which includes John Constantine, who was created years later. The management then thought the idea of a Swamp Thing was so repugnant that he got these rights essentially free.

Warner Brothers never had anything to do with Swamp Thing movies or animated.

It did distribute Batman films and TV wherin Michael Uslan is usually listed as Executive Producer, so they have some rights here.

See the book.The Boy who Loved Barman by Michael Usland as the source of this

Batman 66 was created before Warner Brothers bought DC Comics. It was distributrd by Fox, now oened by Disney.


I just got DC universe today. Looks like I have a lot of batman to watch in the next 2 days! :man_shrugging: