Coming Soon & Last Chance: April 2020

Given the amount of animated movie content coming back in April, I’d say the return of Under The Red Hood will be back, probably some time in the next 3-4 months. WB is getting itself into a position where all WB media that is out on lease to other services will be coming back to WB streaming services only. If they don’t come back here it is because everything is getting sucked into HBOMAX.?so far there has been no sign either way this will happen. However, the animation (films and tv) are certainly something that HBOMAX and DCU could share.

This is my personal OPINION
I don’t see animated movies or series getting pulled from DCU. We know that the remaining WB animated films will be showing up here. We also know that Doom Patrol S2 will be shared by DCU and HBOMAX. So certainly the sharing of video resources between DCU and HBOMAX is certainly something that has been looked at and approved by WB. So I don’t see all animated video content going away from DCU, but that doesn’t mean it won’t also be shared with HBOMAX, so a subscriber to either service would have access to them. In fact, by the time HQ Season 2 finishes here on DCU, I’d guess that will be shared with HBOMAX.
This is my personal OPINION


The good: all of those shiny new comics!

The bad: trading all of the good animated movies for all of the bad ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t gonna say it, but…


Well, I know that #world-of-bats is supposed to be hosting watch-alongs of Under the Red Hood and Batman vs. Robin some time this month, but there’s some unclaimed Robin content up there, too, namely Bad Blood and The Dark Knight Returns. @JasonTodd428, do you want to claim either of those for Characters of DC or Damian Wayne?


I could maybe do “Bad Blood” (for Damian) but I can only a late night WAL between 10-11pm central time. I’m not available before or after that time. Not sure I have the time for both but I might be able to squeeze the other in.

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Given the current situation when everyone is looking for things to stream, REALLY wish they weren’t pulling movie titles from the service.


Is this real, or are you playing early April’s Fool joke? Just Kidding! Thankyou DC! Finally Batman & Batman Returns to it’s rightful home!:grinning: Can’t wait!


With the comics and movies that come and go from the service, as well as the years’ delay between comics being released and comics coming onto DCU, it’d honestly be really nice to be able to just purchase comics/movies/shows through our DCU accounts so that they’ll always be ‘unlocked’ for our accounts. DCU’s archive access is amazing, and it makes archive dives that used to be prohibitively expensive very easy to do, but it’d be nice to make it an even larger nexus for DC content.


How is getting rid of anything related to Jason Todd a bad thing? With the possible exception of A Death In The Family…just so I can see that little bleep die all over again what joy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You do get to see him die in Under the Red Hood, and then he gets replaced with the Punisher in a scarlet helmet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Detective Comics 570 Jason

Posted for irony.


Yep. I watched it all the way through a couple of times. Now I only watch that part. It’s so enjoyable and satisfying.


It’s mostly satisfying because they replaced the Ayatollah with Ra’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we’re getting back The New Frontier, which almost makes up for all the bad Justice League animated movies they’re including with it. :smiley:


I at first missed all the movies coming back and only saw what was leaving and was thinking “Wow, will anything be left. Not good timing” but then read it again and saw that I missed a lot of movies also being rotated back in.And cool to get the first two Batman films also.

And Batman White Knight. Really appreciate that one, cool to see that. Holds out hope some of the Black Label Harley Quinn books might make it on here eventually. I mean she is the star of a DCU Original, just like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing… right?

Nice to have something to look forward to. Was some good news I needed today.


Or to demonstrate how stupid that Robin is. Bats could have beaten on him some more and still not killed him. Batman has his “no kill rule”, that doesn’t mean he can’t walk all the way up to just a nanometer in front of the line.

Just saw that Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Justice League: Doom are returning, so not as bummed about what we’re losing

It’s crazy to see how close Harley Quinn is. Might even see a trailer sometime soon…


You’re just envious that he was already a ladies’ man at age 12. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tec 570 Rhonda

No wonder Jay won the contest!

Speaking of classic 'Tec issues, I see we’re finally getting the conclusion of the Outsider saga next month with Detective Comics #356! Now I can finally link the whole story to everyone who’s upset about Alfred’s recent fate in Tom King’s run!


I have nothing to be envious about. :sunglasses:

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I’ve been dying to read White Knight.
Some nice movies coming and best of all Harley Season 2.

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The problem I see is at one point they had all these movies on here at one time. Give or take a few. Now they removed at lot of them just to put them back and remove the remaining ones.