Coming Soon & Last Chance: April 2020

I have nothing to be envious about. :sunglasses:

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I’ve been dying to read White Knight.
Some nice movies coming and best of all Harley Season 2.

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The problem I see is at one point they had all these movies on here at one time. Give or take a few. Now they removed at lot of them just to put them back and remove the remaining ones.


Why is that? Like idk if it’s been explained before but what is the point of getting rid of anything


@Sladey,it has to do with licensing. That’s the reason things are removed and then come back.


Fantastic, just fantastic! I’m eagerly anticipating the return of many of the best animated movies (especially Emerald Knights and The New Frontier), and it goes without saying, but the comic additions are fantastic too, especially the vintage stuff.

Speaking of four color fun, will Batman: White Knight be a permanent addition to the library, or is it a Ron Popeil-Approved™ limited time only affair?

Also, any chance Batman or Batman Returns will be available in 4K? I’m thinking “no”, as that likely would have been stated in the text, but I’m curious to ask in any event. Having 4K live action movies on the service would be pretty sweet, and a darn good selling point alongside all of our other 4K UHD content.

Anyhow, a great month of new comics, returning favorites and new TV to anticipate!

SN: I hope The Adventures of Batman can finally be added to our Filmation library at some point, as all of their other majors from the '60s are here. It’s a glaring omission that needs to be addressed, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks DCU! :+1: :metal:


The get leased out to other services which is cash for WB. However, once HBOMAX launches, WB has said they will stop doing this and their content (as it comes off these license deals) will only be available on WB platforms (HBOMAX, DCU, CW, CW Seed, etc).


Really wish we didn’t have to lose movies when we get new ones​:expressionless:


I for one, am excited about the movies making their return to the service. I can’t wait for all the WALs!

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It’s here for good!

Alas, they won’t be in that sweet, sweet 4k :frowning:

Thanks for the kind words, we’re very excited to welcome both White Knight and Keaton [back] to the service!


All the new comics look awesome. I’ve been reading about Batman White Knight. Looks very interesting!


Since people are stuck inside that gives us some movies to watch


When will you release Wonder Twins #2


All the movies that are going have been on the service for a bit so it doesn’t break my heart to rotate.

But I am really excited about white knight. That is amazing

Uh oh, good catch! I’ll check with the team when we’re back at our computers on Monday.


“All the DCAMU Justice League movies are coming!”

Awesome! I think that completes the collection! Time to organize a big binge of every DCAMU movie in preparation for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War!

Batman vs. Robin and Batman: Bad Blood are leaving.”

Damn it! So close.

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I’m so happy they are adding all those movies but please keep Batman under the red hood, Batman vs robin and Batman bad blood


I don’t understand why they take DC movies or shows off of here. It’s a bit disappointing.

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After seeing so many comments of people excited for White Knight, I decided to look it up - and am I ever glad I did! I loved Sean Murphy’s work on the Wake and Tokyo Ghost, and I’m a big fan of stories that take place outside of the confines and restrictions of the DCU proper. Count me among the excited!

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I honestly would not be surprised if Batman: Bad Blood doesn’t quietly come back. I don’t know what is up with that movie, and maybe my memory is bad, but I swear more then once they took that movie off only to quietly put it back on weeks later with no exploitation.