Coming Soon & Last Chance: May, 2020 (Updated 4.29.20)

DCU at 7.99 and MU at 9.99 isn’t much of a difference except MU has a much shorter wait time for books (6 months vs 1 year like you mentioned). Comixology Unlimited best asset is the variety of publishers they offer and you can find a full run every once in a while (Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise, Ex Machina) but yes, they typically won’t have full runs of Marvel/DC for obvious reasons.

The main selling point of this service to me was when they stopped the whole “rotating collection of comics” and went the MU route with it. So if they bolstered that department, I’d be super happy considering I don’t really partake in a lot of the media unless I feel nostalgic.

Comparing MU and DCU annual memberships of $69 and $74.99, respectively, going the comics only route works for me.


I agree with @Bukdiah. DCU would be a great deal if it was 6 months behind like Marvel Unlimited. As it stands it’s an ok deal with the video content, but as the video content fades away over time it becomes less and less of a good deal. So they need to compensate by being more of a comic service.

I think DCU is much smarter than MU on this front. Marvel is already pretty bad about getting trade paperbacks out in a timely fashion, but they make it even worse by placing the books on their service before the trades come out. You may not like how DC handles things as a consumer wanting to save money, but it makes a whole lot more business sense.


Why does everyone keep saying fades away over time. I mean I get things have been taken off but it has always been that way, this isn’t something new. Everyone acts like stuff was never rotated out so there is no other possible explanation for the same thing that always happens is happening now but all video content is leaving. They added Watchmen this month, the same month HBO MAX is debuting. Not saying I know the future but it is hardly a foregone conclusion that all the video is going to HBO MAX because the same rotation that has been happening since the first month it came out is still happening.


It’s not the same rotation. In December they dropped 19 movies. I believe since then less than 10 have been added back. So the trend has been downward.

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In the end, it’s not worth it to engage these people @DanTheManOne1. People will believe what they want to believe and will distort facts to support their conclusions.

The best thing we can do is enjoy the comics, the animated and live action movies, the complete seasons of old shows and animated series, the original shows and these boards. And that’s what we’ve been doing since the service started two years ago.

If there are people who feel the service isn’t for them or want to cancel their subscription, that’s all on them. It’ll be their burden to deal with. Many said this service wouldn’t last two months yet here we are almost two years later :slightly_smiling_face:


This is so awesome. I am super excited about Stargirl. My only gripe is Superman: Red Son isn’t coming sooner on the service, but that’s if I had to find something to complain about. Thank you all so much at DC Comics and DC Universe the service. All this Entertainment goes a long way these days.


When will the movies return?



What movies?

Ah, I missed the update about the ones that are leaving (they’re also the ones that I’ve been wanting to catch). Next time, I suppose :’)

For whatever it is worth nothing is leaving this month.

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Is there a reason why all the movies in the current run are not all available? Besides the ones not released or reached their 90 day mark? I purchased JLDAW the day it came out and was trying to watch EVERYTHING in some kind of order. I barely remember the Constantine (animated) movie being released. Think I spoted it rereading Terrific’s #1. Think that would be a good movie to include, plus the rest. And of course TT Go.

You have to wait 90 days from DVD release for animated movies to show here

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