Coming Soon & Last Chance: Movies & TV in January 2019

And where are the Filmation cartoons?


I think the filmation come this Friday. :slightly_smiling_face:

You still don’t have enough content to rotate stuff out. Plus more stuff is out than is being added. When you have a huge catalog 5 years down the road that will be fine, but it makes no sense in these early stages. Poor planning or poor management take your pick. I really want this app to succeed but stuff like this worries me for the long term health of the service. Please reconsider rotating out so many movies.


3 months live and pulling content?
Not a good sign…


Why is content still being rotated out? It’s almost as if someone wants this service to fail. As abysmal as the current content offerings are. You only be adding, not retracting.


This is a short notice. I won’t be able to watch all the content that’s leaving because I’m busy with family during the holidays, but I understand.

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I don’t want to continually subscribe to DC Universe in the hope that the content I want to consume shows up (which is what I think they are hoping people would do).

What I was hoping when I got my subscription was that they had limited content now, but would add more given time (and NOT remove stuff). I know that’s not completely feasible.

I do hope that even content has been cycled off, they will remain in the lists I’ve made as a place holder.


I wish they wouldn’t take stuff off the platform. With Netflix, it’s okay. However, on a platform like this, the roster is simply not big enough to be rotated like this.


Under the Red Hood needs to stay, I can watch that over & over. This sucks. I wonder why so many things have been removed.


I definitely won’t be renewing my subscription. Thanks DC


Are you kidding? I’ve been trying to support this service and I was so excited for all that new content coming, but I was unaware that so much of it was leaving. In my opinion movies and tv should not be cycled in and out. We should have all of that all the time. Like actually this is so annoying and so displeasing. I love this service so much but I couldn’t be more disappointed right now that all that content is being pulled.


I’m definitely not going to remain subscribed long term if this is the way you plan to do things. With Netflix this makes sense as they license a large percentage of their content. Here? Not so much. These are all DC properties. There should be no need to drop anything.


Okay lessons from today

  1. Transparency, if you’re loosing content because of pre-existing contracts say so Cuz I cannot believe you’re doing this because you think it’s a good idea
  2. More warning time. at least give subscribers a couple of weeks or a month heads up

It’s only a few months into this streaming service and they’re already taking movies out? Big name, heavy hitter, titular movies like The Dark Knight that is one of the reasons we spend the money to get a DC centric streaming service? And I hate that they don’t really warn us – sure there’s this post, but if I’m not checking in on things like that, I won’t know. At least hulu warns you if a movie you have in your list is on the outs. But really – why would you continue taking off content, ESPECIALLY big-name content that you SHOULD expect to see on this platform? I’m frustrated and disappointed. I subscribed so I could see all these movies and sseries without having to blow my budget on DVDs whenever I want to dive further into the DC universe, and yet I can’t even find content on a site by the same name.


It’s just that this service has so much potential and I love the moderators and all the original content that’s coming out. I love watching all the backlogged content and honestly exploring all those animated movies has been my favorite part. It just sucks a lot that on a place that’s supposed to be the one stop shop for dc content, you can’t explore everything you want to because they rotate out content. I understand it with comics because there’s so many comics but there’s not enough movie and tv content to warrant the removal of those movies. Like I was so excited for the new year because I thought wow the library is growing and we almost have all the animated movies now. But nevermind, we actually have less now, we have less movies than we used to actually which is just ridiculous. I just want it to change like the DC people need to see all of us complain and realize they can’t cycle out content if they want more subscriptions.


Surely they do know stuff like this is only going to lead to more good will to be lost . At least I can only hope they do know😑


Seriously why remove stuff. I mean we’re already paying for this app.


I don’t understand why they would do this, I’m paying the month subscription basically just to watch Titans. I’ll watch other stuff too but mainly I’m here to watch Titans. I watched the Titans finale maybe I will cancel until Doom Patrol is available. More people need to comment about how this is wrong and doesn’t make sense.


Also not a good move at all to suddenly announce that a bunch of stuff is leaving within a week. Especially at this time of year when a lot of people are pre occupied. Other services at least give people a 2 or 3 week notice for when things are leaving.


You all know I’m a big time supporter…but…I’m starting to get the impression DC or Warner’s or ATT want this DC Universe app to fail so they can reboot with WARNER’s APP, or some other super APP that would include Warner’s Movies, CBS Tv, Dc comics and anything else in their media bin. I hope I’m wrong…