First off there’s very little on ComiXology Unlimited in terms of complete runs. Second as much as I enjoy their service they are by far the worst of the ones I subscribe to for finding out what is coming to the service or leaving in any given month. At least DC has mods on these forums who so their best to try to keep us informed of what’s coming an going, an email and news posts. It’s not the best system but its better than the one email ComiXology sends out. It’s also really annoying to browse what is part of the Unlimited program or not. Just because a book has the Unlimited banner on the thumbnail does not mean every issue is available free to subscribers. Most of have a couple trades (and those not necessarily in order; look at Green Lanterns for example). Others may have only a single random issue.

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I hadn’t noticed the separate Vertigo part of Comixology, until I tried to resolve what members in the other Comixology thread were saying, compared to what I had seen.

The 5.99 monthly price give a very impressive, but not comprehensive, massive chunk of Vertigo titles. The range is very impressive. You can certainly dive in and get a great idea of what each of these titles are, without leaving the 5.99 monthly price.

I think DC Management might have given an exclusivity clause on Vertigo titles to Comixology. The volume 1 titles that DC Universe needs to even start giving members Vertigo material now reside with Comixology. We will know that it is an exclusive deal if DC Universe continues not to have Vertigo material.

On the regular DC Universe side, Comixology shines in recent titles, an area that our app will always lack. Still it is mostly Volumes 1 except for very impressive Aquaman and Green Lantern titles, with multiple volumes available.

There are a lot of members in our community who can’t afford the number of titles required to keep current.

The combination of Vertigo and Valiant comics may push a large number of these members from regular DC Universe members each month to. Quarterly members who binge DC Universe every three months or so, plus the 5.99 Comixology monthly fee and Comixology special sales.


ComiXology is way better if you are a brand new reader, you want to try out the most recent series and you don’t mind paying extra to “purchase” the digital comics indefinitely when you finish the free stuff.

DC Universe is better if you want to read stuff from throughout DC’s history since they have a far more robust selection from before 2000.

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With comics currently at a whopping $4 to $5 each, it seems to me spending what works out to about $6 a month on Marvel Unlimited , $6 a month on Comixology Unlimited (you get most of Valiant and IDW) and again about five or six dollars a month on this DCU service that also includes all these movies and animation Etc, it just all makes sense.

Two thoughts to consider here

Think about how many paper comics you buy that you’ll never read again in this lifetime because they are mediocre or worse. Is the percentage of that somewhere between 60 and 75% like it was for me? Why on Earth would you want to plunk down four bucks and take up precious space in your limited living quarters with a moment’s entertainment when you could just have the same reading and visual experience digitally, like you do with Netflix instead of buying DVDs?

Do you keep every program that you record on your DVR or do you erase it after you watch it usually? It’s the same with many of the comics, right?

Conclusion: don’t freak out about DC going on to Comixology Unlimited in a big unbelievable way so quickly !!! It’s win-win-win …just go over and pay the six bucks for Comixology Unlimited , keep paying your six bucks here so you can enjoy my deathless prose on Community , and drown out the horror of your current life with the resulting digital content from this wise financial decision …and enjoy the extra space in your house or apartment.

You’re welcome!!!


My only problem with all of this is now between DCU, MarvelU, and ComixologyU, I may have way too many comics to read and my social and professional lives will suffer for it.


Hahahaha, very true and I have a similar problem for digital subscriptions like Netflix Hulu. Amazon Prime Etc.

I still haven’t started watching The Runaways season 2 on Hulu and it came out around Christmas time.

The great free stuff now like on Vudu that has so many wonderful free movies and TV with almost no ads, ( I just watched Chappie for the first time FREE, amazing movie by the guy that did District 9)…
I just hope that my plan to go to part-time and kind of retire in the next 3 years pans out…
course with all I’ve been spending on services like this maybe I’ll have to work forever…