Comixology's DC Recent Hits Sale, Ends 9/30

Looking to get caught up on recent hits that won’t be on DCU for a very long time (or at all for the forseeable future, in the case of Vertigo or original graphic novels) while saving oodles of scratch? Then this sale is for YOU friend!

Some standouts worth a pick-up:

You can score the entirety of Naomi for just a few bucks (every issue except #6 for 99 cents a pop!). Naomi is a fun character and her book is alot of fun.

Lois Lane is unquestionably the best title in the Superman line right now. Want to score #1 for 99 cents? You can! Pick up Jimmy Olsen #1 for the same price while you’re there too :slight_smile:

What’s come out so far for the City of Bane arc from Batman is also on sale as is Batman/Superman #1. The second issue of B/S hits this Wednesday so the timing’s perfect to snatch up the first issue!

There are also ample Vertigo titles on sale including the entirety of American Carnage, as well as Books of Magic and much more.

Go empty your piggy banks, mow a few lawns, run a sidewalk lemonade stand, seal a crack in your neighbor’s driveway and/or have a bake sale to earn a few bucks so that you can score some great recent books at great prices!


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