ComixRant: Amy Quinn! A Sonic and Harley mashup!

I drew this 2 or 3 years ago for my “mashups-that-only-I-would-care-for” series during Inktober… and now… it seems really appropriate, what with my two favorite franchises releasing their movies so close to each other!


That’s pretty cool.

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How cute! I love Amy.


@nu52 @Behemoth Thanks guys! Glad you liked it! Amy needs her own fantabulous emancipation someday soon, if you ask me!

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It looks truly amazing.

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Nah, her wholehearted devotion is kind of cute in its own way. You don’t see that much these days. Everyone has to be independent these days, and I think that does more harm in some cases than good. Now, I’m not saying everyone needs a man. Far from it. But people do need friends to support them. If she finds that in Sonic, more power to her.