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Same Super Time, I gather (the same Super Channel is a given)?

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I might move the time to maybe 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST. Hopefully it’ll work for everybody. :slight_smile:

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I advocate that the existing timeframe endures. Superman (especially in movie serial form) on a Saturday afternoon just works, and quite well too.

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Ok, Same SuperTime Same Superchannel on December 7th. :superman_hv_1:

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DC History Club has opened is “Vote and Defend” for Crisis on Infinite Earths as part of the Crisis on Infinite Clubs crossover. COIE is filled with the deaths of heroes and the introduction of new characters, and the DC History Club will vote and discuss those developments.


Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Watch-Along! WEDNESDAY, JAN 22nd @6PM PST/9PM EST

Wonder Woman: Bloodline arrives on DC Universe on Jan. 22nd, 2020! Let’s watch this new animated adventure featuring Wonder Woman!



[Characters of DC] Month Three: An Archer’s Tale: The Life and Times of Roy Harper.

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Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt

Join me the week of January 20th - 26th for a week-long scavenger hunt based on coverart found right here in the DCU library! It’s going to be a fun and challenging event that I hope you’ll all enjoy :smile:

The theme of this scavenger hunt will be :star:Storylines:star: Every clue for our scavenger hunt will be found in the Storylines section of the DCU reading library. With 134 storylines currently available in the library, it should prove to be a challenging hunting ground.

Head on over to Week of Covers! to read all the details and get a jump on the competition!

:star: UPDATE: All 3 of the Week of Covers! Bonus Questions are now available! NOTE: Bonus Question #3 is worth 2 points :v:t2: Bonus questions can be found hidden at the bottom of the main event post. Check it out to get bonus points before the event begins!

:star:Reminder:star: Bonus Round Questions will close tomorrow night at midnight (12:00am EST) and the First Round Questions will be posted at that same time. So get those Bonus Round answers submitted before it’s too late!

The winner of the Week of Covers! event will be crowned :crown:Head Hunter:crown: and will receive a shiny, new RIDDLER badge Riddler _ Edit for their profile!



[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] Batman Art of the 90s! January 9-22

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Crisis on Infinite Clubs Wrap Up Discussion


World of Wonder | Week 25 | All-Star Comics | Sensation Comics | Wonder Woman ('42) | Jan. 15-21

In preparation for Wonder Woman #750, World of Wonder will be taking a look back at Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All-Star Comics, as well as Sensation Comics #1 and Wonder Woman ('42) #1.


[Legion Fan Club] Weekly Reader Week 39 A Tale of Two Legion Series 1984 January 15, 2020



Join us for two hours of heated trivia competition about all things GOTHAM! The show? The city? Why not both?!

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Watch-Along: Doom Patrol, “Beard Patrol!”

2020-01-24T01:00:00Z2020-01-24T02:00:00Z we’re watching Doom Patrol episode 10, and probably getting grossed right out! It’s a gross one! I mean yyyyyyuck! Blech! I love it.

Ewwwwwwwwy! Ew, ew, ew!