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Swamp Thing (2 episodes) WAL

More details to come!

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DC History Club: Muck and Magic Double Feature: Swamp Thing

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DC History Club: Muck and Magic Double Feature: Constantine

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DC Animated Club Presents, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm watch Along


Trivia Tuesday presents: INJUSTICE: THE COMICS!

Join us for two hours of trivia on the hit comic book tie-ins to the smash video game duology!


2020-10-22T01:00:00Z2020-11-10T05:00:00Z [Superman Fan Club] October Reading Selection from Silver and Bronze Age featuring Superman along with the Super Family and Friends circa 1954-1984

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Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #3 | Sep. 23-29


Cheetah shows up to thwart Diana in Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #3! Join the discussion we’ll be having this week over at World of Wonder, centered around the story that originated in the Walmart Giants. Hope to see you there :wonderwoman:

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Tuesday Trivia Presents: The Flash (1990) TV Series’ 30th Anniversary Special!

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Multiverse of Clubs Trivia Game Night

The Multiverse of Clubs Trivia Game Night. An event where DCU members can test their knowledge of DC and Club events as they compete with one another for the chance to win one of the elusive Riddler Badges! Join us Saturday night on Oct. 3rd at 9:00 p.m. EST and put your DCU Club knowledge to the test!


[World of Bats] Batman Book Club: Bronze Age Bats! April-June 1972 (09/26/2020-10/02/2020)
Batman is back with more Bronze Age adventures!

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[World of Bats/Renegade Robins] Batman Eternal

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Teen Titans Random Two-Episode Watch-Along: Get Everyone You Know — Saturday, October 26 @ 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST

Sunday, October 4, 2020 1:00 AMSunday, October 4, 2020 2:00 AM

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[RR] Red Hood: The Big Picture

[Lantern Corps] Blackest Night - Week 17 [9/28 - 10/5]
2020-09-28T05:00:00Z through 2020-10-05T05:00:00Z

Harley’s Crew :diamonds: Book Club Wks 7 & 8:


DCU Book Club Week 107: MANIFEST ETERNITY (2006) 1-6

Wildstorm’s Signature Series presents: Manifest Eternity.

[Doom Patrol Club] Doom Patrol S2 Rewatch! S2 EP6 Thursday, October 1st @7pm PST/10pm EST! Come join in the fun!

Come join us as we relive one of the great episodes of this great second season of Doom Patrol! In this episode, Our wonderful group of misfits try to help Danny the Street and Flex Mentallo while battling the devious Shadowy Mr. Evans! So bring your favorite chair, couch or whatever and also popcorn and a favorite snack as we go down memory lane! So come and join us in the fun! :robotman_dp: