Complete new 52 reading order?

So I want to read the new 52. Problem is I need a complete reading order. I prefer issue to issue. Problem I see with a lot of these reading orders is they just show the trades or a few characters and tend to leave a lot out. I want to read Batman and Batman related comics, green lantern, Superman and justice league.

I don’t think I can just read all the batman books straight through because so much happens in other series so I’ll probably need to read a few issues of a series at a time.

Can anyone help me find a detailed list, that has issue to issue orders?

Could I read all the batman/bat family, Superman, green lantern, green arrow and justice league books and skip all the swamp thing, animal man and justice League dark books and still not miss anything?

I wanted to read swamp thing, animal man and justice league dark after reading all those new 52 books but I don’t know if that’s possible without missing out on anything.