Constantine TV

I just finished Garth Ennis’ Hellblazer for the first time(also my first vertigo book) and boy, I loved it. I loved him in the City of Demons movie. I’ll have to check this show out.

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Enjoy mate, it’s a good time. Not as intense as the comics/animated movies but Matt Ryan as John Constantine is amazingly entertaining.

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Fans love it now, but before it aired there was a lot of backlash from the fan community over John not being allowed to smoke on screen and one of the writers saying he wouldn’t be bisexual on the show. So a big chunk of the potential audience either stayed away or was very critical of it, and that couldn’t have helped with ratings.

I think the show was too esoteric for the casual viewer. You had new age elements mixing with pseudo religious elements, mythology and witchcraft. There was never any real explanation of Constantine’s origin and the show was made more for an adult audience. I don’t know about NBC but those DC shows on CW are all made for teens, millennials and those in between. The exception being Legends of Tomorrow. Those of us over the age of thirty who enjoy comic books and shows and movies based on comic books do not have the numbers that appeal to sponsers.


Him and Swampy were def destined together just to have Season 1 under their belt. Lol

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When I first watched this show (on DC Universe just last year), it seemed a bit off. I thought Zee’s acting was messy (sometimes moping, sometimes flirting, often a sloppy mix of both) and it didn’t work well with John Constantine - a true master. I also compared it to a show like Supernatural (or even Grimm), which in the earlier seasons nailed the perfect formula for this style. But after a few episodes, I really came to like it. I don’t believe it was a miss with the audiences or that the world isn’t excited to see or ready for Constantine. I think it was due to the adjusted storyline (the girl in episode 1 was originally intended to evolve into a “Zee-like” character) and perhaps a bad time slot or moment in history. I’d love to see this series make a comeback with Matt Ryan and a bigger budget! I think about it often and consider revisiting just to spend time in this world again.

I was so let down when NBC canceled the show. It really was a great show. I am thrilled Matt Ryan has popped up elsewhere and that the Astra storyline has played out on Legends. My hope is that we’ll one day see the character get a show of its own again back in the original tone, but we have been really blessed to see it continue. Loved all the Easter Eggs for the Spectre, Dr. Fate, etc. on the original show and always hoped we’d see some incarnation of Boston Brand appear. Maybe one day.

Both Constantine and 90’s Flash were just ahead of their time. The only DC characters that the gen pop could get into were Superman and Batman, even WW had a reasonably brief 3 year run and has never even had her own animated series.

As much as I hate to say it, credit the MCU with getting people interested in visual media that wasn’t a big name brand.

I agree, it was NBC. While DC kinda fits that procedural mold it’s not NBC’s demographic. Just the wrong channel. What I don’t understand is why some other channel (CW) or Netflix didn’t pick it up.

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I think it’s because being English, half his vernacular is lost on plenty of mainstream America. How many Americans even realize that being called a “to$$er” is an insult. They might get the term “wanker” but that’s about it.