Controversial Opinions

Lana Lang is a great character on Smallville


Harley Quinn is really overhyped


Why do you have to say such hurtful things, @Bane? :frowning:


I didnt mean for to be hurtful. @Harleys Puddin


Alright and I get the hassle every time I open my mouth. I can’t stand the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. I get their importance but they are just so outdated looking to me and I’m not a Gene Hackman fan. Also Captain Picard is my Captain now and always.


James Tynion IV is overrated. Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and even Jean-Paul Valley were better off in limbo (or in the latter’s case, being left dead) than being reinvented in the hackneyed fashion of the Eternal series.


Lonnie Machin would have been a fun Robin to read, if only as an Elseworlds. (Alan Grant created him as a potential third Robin)

I still can’t buy Batman Damned for under $50…:roll_eyes: damn


The New 52 is incredible. It’s not a perfect era for DC, but there was so much action and human portrayals out there. Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Green Arrow had some of the strongest stories in that time. I think it is better than Rebirth, which I think is more about pandering to the people who were upset at DC for doing the New 52 because it wasn’t adherent to nostalgia. Like, I understand there’s a history for these characters that should be honored but as a business DC needs new fans and to continuously reach out to them with stories that new generations could connect to. Nobody fully owns these characters beyond the legal sense. We were all new fans once. Let them enjoy stuff too.

Jessie Eisenberg is a perfect Golden Age Lex Luthor who will involve into more iconic Post-Crisis Lex.

Alan Moore’s Green Lantern is world shattering and better than Geoff Johns’ GL run


Hal Jordan is overrated. Kyle Rayner is where it is at, ya’ll!


@ANerdWonder I’m okay with people enjoying what they enjoy, but why does that mean I can no longer enjoy that same thing, because a hack writer or a foolish editor or incapable higher-up wants to promote something more antithetical to the character or their environment for some short-term gains? Who knows, maybe a fan of “Orphan” would prefer pre-Flashpoint Cass Cain, if they gave that a shot (not that DC or Tynion cared to be faithful to the character beyond the easiest lip service they could manage).

I’m sure there was a way for DC to get new readers and maintain the history their existing readership had become invested (and not make terrible alterations to characters and their origins). They chose not to go that route because the publisher lacks competent leadership. A lot of the problems with the New52 wasn’t this “keep everything the same” straw-man some tout, but because the changes were either fundamentally bad or utterly pointless beyond “different for the sake of saying it’s different”.

Sorry if that seems a bit off-topic, but the sentence “Most New52 defenders don’t actually understand why many people hated the reboot” seemed more adversarial than I wanted.


Batman Forever wasn’t that bad

Dark Knight Rises ending was crap

The Joker is really overused

Beware the Batman is really underrated

Batman needs Robin the same way Sherlock Holmes needs Watson

I hope we can keep this discussion civil.


Bane is the best Batman villain (not including Deathstroke because he’s not an original Batman villain).

Flash needs a superhero upgrade, so does his speedster adversaries.

Cyborg is a better fit with Justice League than he is with Teen Titans or Doom Patrol.

Deadshot was the biggest stand-out in the Suicide Squad movie and should’ve lead into a Deadshot solo movie.

BvS was the best movie of 2016.

Dick Grayson should be in one more season of Titans leading into a Nightwing spin-off.


Here is my controversial opinion, DC focuses so much on Batman and Superman often times to their own detriment. This leaves other characters in the dust.

New 52 destroyed almost every single obscure character, so long time fans felt shafted. Rebirth is a step back in the right direction, but with Metal it appears they may shaft long-term fans again.

DC has horrendous follow-through on some of their ideas. For serious, what was the point of most of their weekly series? Countdown, I am looking at you! It feels like they are building to something like they did with the four series before Infinite Crisis and then get scared and run away from their actual ideas.

The Batman family and villains make Batman good, it isn’t Batman himself. He kinda sucks and usually is a bit of a jerk.

I love DC comics, but sometimes they make me wonder if they use 2 dartboards for their ideas. One featuring different character faces and the other random words to create a story. Okay Wonder Woman? The word is brother so now she has a twin brother! But she can’t have a little sister named Donna Troy? Oh DC you are trying me today!

These are my controversial opinion and through it all, I still love DC above any other competitors!


We’ve been over-saturated on Harley Quinn. She’s a good character but she’s going to get played out if they keep pushing her in our faces all the time.

The reunion of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) is the ONLY good thing to come out of HiC


Been a DC reader since the early 80s. So it will be shocking, but new 52 was great. It put spotlight on characters we typically don’t get a spotlight on.


Ben Affleck is the Best On Screen Batman yet.


Okay, you asked for it:

  • Wally West is one of the most overrated characters in DC. He’s been okay in a few places (the most being the Young Justice cartoon), but everything I’ve read of him outside of that, he’s forgettable at best, downright aggravating at worst.

  • Speaking of overrated, Tim Drake is the most boring Robin of the bunch. He was clearly created to be as inoffensive as possible, and it shows.

  • While I liked the idea of Barbara Gordon as Oracle in theory, in practice she was handled terribly. At best, she was a cheap way to get the plot going and doesn’t allow the other heroes to show their intelligence (which, by the way, is the same problem I have with the techies on every DCCW show). At worst, she had a terrible characterization that was the worst things that a lot people hated about the 90s dickish Batman, but those same people excuse it with her because she’s a disabled woman. And honestly, as much as I love Cass and Steph, Barbara is just the iconic Batgirl, plain and simple.

  • Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman Rebirth runs was one of the worst takes on the character I ever read. In his zeal to destroy the New 52 continuity, he made Diana into a hysterical, pointless plot device and not a proper character of her own. The human characters of Steve, Etta Veronica Cale and The Cheetah were inarguably the true stars of the book. Art was killer all around, though.

  • While I’m at it, his first run, while decent, is very overrated. It’s forgettable at the start, peaks with the Medusa fight and Sacrifice, and limps to the end.

  • While I like Jon Kent in theory, I think he’s written far too saccharine and he makes Superman look more like a bland sitcom Dad in the process. That’s why he’s at his best when with Damian, because he forces Jon to be more risk-taking and a rascal…you know, act like a kid.

  • I was glad that the planned marriage between Batwoman and Maggie never happened – not because I don’t think these characters should be happy, but because the proposal was poorly written, the relationship was toxic as hell, and it felt like a vain attempt to ride on the coattails of Marvel marrying off Northstar in Astonishing X-Men.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t care how classic they are, the trunks are outdated, don’t look good, and there are so many variants that look so much better for these characters.

That’s all I can think of from the top of my head.


Dang y’all these are ruthless and fantastic comments!
Ok here we go…

new 52 was great

rebirth Justice League is one of the worst comic runs ever! bad stories bad art! Flash wasn’t much better but i only bought first 2 vol. and Batman I am Gotham WTF!

The only good thing about rebirth is johns button and doomsday clock.

Superman Returns is not that bad its actually a good story just lacking in action.

CW shows are just terrible! I still watch the flash though.

Teen Titans cartoon was not that good

Teen Titans Go is forking Hilarious!

BvS was Great.

Black Panther was not that good.

This is a good streaming service!

Spiderman and X-MEN are the only mostly consistently good comics Marvel has.

I absolutely loved Scott Snyders run of Batman but Metal was not worth the money

Batman Who Laughs is cool but not as big a deal as its being hyped up.

Green lantern wasn’t that bad.

Tara Strong is Harley Quinn not Kaley Cuoco! come on DC


@AquamonC137 I completely agree with you on the Batman who laughs. He is not worth the hype