Controversial Opinions

The classic Superman movies are not anywhere near as entertaining as Man of Steel.

With all due respect for the late Margot Kidder, her Lois Lane was awful.


Not that Amy Adams is any better…in fact there has never been a good onscreen Lois Lane


DC Comics is overdue for a change of leadership.

If you don’t like that a long-established character isn’t exactly like you or doesn’t fit some uncharacteristic niche you think would be neat, the problem isn’t the character. The problem is you thinking they have to change to be like you or fit some uncharacteristic niche you think would be neat in order to be worth anything to anyone.

I think the New52 and its changes have led some readers (it’s detractors, mostly) to develop a “take what you can get” mentality when it comes to certain characters, particularly ones DC has shown they don’t care about.

The argument that New52 critics “can’t handle change” feels very hypocritical, given that many of the changes involved in it concerned certain classic characters either taking their mantels back or gaining more of a spotlight, essentially reverting them to past statuses (see Barbara Gordon and Barry Allen).

There were a number of smarter options besides the New52 that DC could’ve taken instead of a line-wide reboot that would’ve kept more of their existing readers while also bringing in new ones.

“Orphan” is a terrible copy of Cassandra Cain, and if DC were smart, they’d get rid of everything Tynion reinvented about her or anyone. EVERYTHING.

I love Tara Strong’s work, but not her Harley Quinn. The pitch is just way too high.

“Taking Issue” is YouTube’s best comic review show hosted by a guy with a headband and no budget.

Hyperbolic, shameless self-promotion is fine, but only when I do it.


Grant Morrison’s work requires AT LEAST 3 medium-sized bong hits to appreciate. Anything less, and it comes across as ridiculous nonsense.


Must be why we love him so much up here in the Pacific Northwest


When Superman was killed off by Doomsday back in the 90s, he should have stayed dead for longer than a year.


Smashguy96 Batman Forever is not that bad? Brother, you may need to seek professional help.


Harley quinn is the most overated and annoying character in comics

Superman is the best superhero and is way better than batman

The dark knight returns is the worst batman comic

Frank miller is a horrible writer

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Brian Azzarello is a better, grittier writer than Frank Miller.


Superman and Wonder Woman should’ve verbally exchanged “I love you’s” in the New 52.


I’d say Batman is kind of a bad person, but that’s done to death.

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@MSGTV, Don’t knock Batman Forever till you’ve seen it drunk. It really brings the karate laundry scene to life.



We got something sort of like that in the first arc of Superman/Wonder Woman. There might have been something closer in other arcs but this was definitely the most memorable.

Speaking of, while I definitely prefer Lois and Clark (didn’t really care for Steve until the movie), Clark and Diana had some cute moments and I think it would have worked for a lot longer if at leeway their own book wasn’t mired with all the Superman crossovers and we could have had more stories of the two as a couple.

I also think it’s kind of bogus that with Rebirth they kept almost all the New 52 developments except for that. If it were me, I would have kept it in, but changed it so that their being a couple is very early on, like in year 1-3, and they amicably split up after a few years.


The Death of Superman animated film isn’t all that. It completely waters down the heavy hitters of the league to prop up Superman. In the comics it was a bunch of weaker leaguers that went up against Doomsday. I mean Blue Beetle went up against him. Having Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash, etc. on the team would have been enough to stop the first iteration of Doomsday.

Also, stealing the last line Superman says to Wonder Woman as he dies in the New 52 comics to give it to Lois in this movie was horrible.


Breaking up Wonder Woman and Superman in the current animated film continuity was a mistake and it was even worse that it happened off screen. Maybe if they wouldn’t have made so many Damien movies, they’d have had time and space to develop the leaguers. How much do we know about this version of the league? How many movies in are we and they’re still so underdeveloped.


I never got the appeal of Supes and Wondy as a couple. I never felt like they had that kind of chemistry. I know they tried the “they’re both outsiders who found each other” excuse in the New52, but Johns really couldn’t make that work. It just seemed like a standard, faux-romantic (faux-mantic?) idea from a fanboy who’d look for any excuse to put them together. They’re the couple that’s always dressing alike, but with super-powers. Heck, even most of their powers are the same! I could maybe go for something like Jay_Kay’s idea, where they dated for a short time, and broke it off because they realized they shouldn’t be together just because their so alike. None of this “destined to be together because they have the same powers and color scheme and someone thinks that’s a cute reason to stick them together” shtick.

Another controversial opinion: Fan-ships don’t work in the canon, because they almost always a bad idea!


dc is really dumb for not making a batman movie w the batfam in it


@whymannywhy challenge accepted


It isn’t the Justice League without Martian Manhunter

I don’t think the Guardians have any idea what they are doing

Superman is dumber then a cargo plane full of spit

The Joker should be several times dead by now


@missmartians Is that controversial?! That just seems like objective truth.