Convergence: Detective Comics (2015-) #1

Convergence: Detective Comics (2015-) #1

Was never a big fan of this style of art, but I really liked the story. Like how it spend equal time showing Superman and Robin and Huntress time under their own cities domes. Wish more of these had given the opponents the time Red Son has gotten.

Also liked the contrast between Robin and Huntress personalities and the idea of Robin of earth-2 agonizing over taking on Bruce’s mantle. And the ending was a surprise. Don’t know if Huntress is dead, but the idea in this series she can die does add some good suspense.

ONly problem I had was Huntress desperate attempts. I know this is not the Helena we read in most DC Comics, and she was younger in her earth-2 version. But this is not the first time they have faced unrelenting odds, so seemed odd she would be so quick to try keep trying to kill him. And her final plan… Earth-2 Superman was weaker then the Red Son Superman so it made sense she thought those missiles would at least hurt him, but the exposion wouldn’t even kill the Superman she knows. So again, her being THAT desperate doesn’t entirely track.

But taking that out it was overall a really good story. Having a great source world for the opponent in the Red Son Superman definitely has helped.

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