Convergence: Justice League International (2015-) #2

Convergence: Justice League International (2015-) #2

I was hoping this issue would save this mini for me. But it just didn’t.

I hate to be negative and obviously being 4 years old maybe I should let it go. But this could have been so much more. The opponents of the Kingdom Come heroes was interesting, but the fight took place almost entirely out of sight killing what would have been a good fight scene and we didn’t get to see it. Plus the JLI (which felt line them in name only) lost the fight, I know they were misfit underdogs but what was the point in outmatching them then having them get their butts kicked. That was a weird and unsatisfying choice. Made me feel like there had been no point in reading it, the two Beetle’s teaming up never paid off either unless it does in an issue of the main series.

I did like the final scene with Booster leaving the birthday message, that was the one time it felt like I was reading a JLI story. Just a shame they couldn’t have done a Blue and Gold mini instead.

And was this supposed to be funny? I mean the JLI if they are known for any one thing it is their humor, but they had none here. It felt like they wanted to, but if so it was delivered horribly.

And the last criticism? Why the heck was Keith Giffen not the one who wrote this? I know he wrote Supergirl’s Convergence mini-series which was a character he was not known for but he didn’t write a JLI one? I mean who’s decision was that? Why even do this if you have Giffen but won’t use him to write this series? It is baffling.

And sorry if I ranted in the previous post. I Just was so looking forward to reading this and man oh man did it fail to deliver on every corner. A true miss for me.