Cosplay Creation Discussion Corner

Know your skill level - don’t be afraid to start out buying a lot of your stuff until you learn more about crafting

Cosplay characters you are very familiar with and passionate about

Don’t worry about your body type, gender, or race, do whatever you want, as long as it’s sensible

And above all, be confident in your fandom and enjoy making other fans smile!

Some of my own tips include:

-Toupee tape, to hold clothing where the heck I want it to stay
-Snap fasteners across my shoulders for capes, to get that nice line rather than a bunched pile of fabric
-Coffee dips, sandpaper, and burning over a lit candle to age clothing or objects - came in very handy when I did Imperator Furiosa.
-Wigs. I don’t care how awesome your hair is, just use a wig. It can take way more abuse, stay in shape much longer throughout the day and night, and adds that extra theatrical “oomph”.

I know I would also love to hear what costumes you’re all planning this year, DC themed or otherwise! (But bonus points for DC-themed ;p )


I don’t know if this is possible but I wanna dress up as bane so does antibody got some venom for me

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Sock glue is a cosplayers best friend in regards to keeping covered in comic level convenient clothing.

Insulation foam + midge podge + rubber flex = easy and light props


Can you give an example of how you’d use the sock glue? I haven’t heard that one before and I’m curious


Remember to have fun! Most of the time your costume doesnt have to be 100% screen accurate, as long as you can get the point across, people will love it!
Case in point: One year I went to a party as “Bat Wayne” (Bruce forgot if Batman was needed at party or Bruce was)

Black dress shirt
Grey pants
Yellow Utility Belt
Batman Cowl

the best!


My cyborg costume is almost a go! Created his White Noise gun a few days ago, just waiting to spray and finish it!
Going as the ‘laid back dad’ Cyborg look with a blue and grey flannel and cyborgs teen titans pattern up the left side of my neck. Complete with red eye contact lends. Simple and everyone will pick up on it
My girlfriend is going as Raven. Instead of a hood and cloak she is wearing a heavy dark purple wrap complete with her gem on her forehead.
My 5 year old son im dressing up as beast boy. He’s got the attitude complete with green face make up and hair dye in a can


In my pic you can see my Bizarro. Grey skin paint, burnt up cape, and a symbol made of craft foam. Glued the symbol to the shirt and then added large stitching like in his kotobukyia statue


Its not a “hack” but many a time I’ve gone to youtube and search “how to…” or 'DIY…" to help me complete my costumes (I highly recommend Evil Ted, Odin Makes, Xieng Prod, and Punished Props). Also, forum is always helpful.


I’m going as the new Red Hood


Velcro lol

If something is a little off, find a way to make it work!