Could ads save swamp thing and get us a season 2?

I know everyone hates ads on these streaming services but i for one am willing to sit throught a few ads per episode if it helps DC recoup there losses do to NC oversite and save this show and get us a season two i love swamp thing he is one of DCs most underated characters and the general public needs to see more of this show to understand how great the character really is. Thoughts?


Ehhh the subscription isn’t exactly cheap for the little amount of content there is. Ads would just make it less worth it to continue paying for another year. Then again, so would less content.

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If ads need to be included in every streaming service (speculation is that soon cable will become obsolete and the streaming service will be the new cable), then take the Amazon Prime approach by ensuring that the ads are based on shows, movies, or comics by DC Comics. Plus, if they do that, it may attract people to watch/read something they never considered.


They could license the streaming rights to another service, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. That could help of set some of the production costs, without having to go to advertising, but I really think the real problem is the cost per episode. From what I have read, the show might have cost too much to produce for an unproven IP. If it did get canceled it was probably for that reason.

There is always hope. Maybe if subscription rates rise and physical copy sales do well it will become worthwhile to move production to another state. If nothing else I will at least enjoy the first season.

Honestly at this point I’m just hoping they see the outcry and change their decision or HBO or SYFY picks it up.


This might be a dumb response but why can’t they take some money from their theater movies and invest it into more season for shows like swamp Thing lol

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I would only want the ads on swamp thing and swamp thing only because it would be the show they are trying to save I absolutly agree that there should be no ads any where else on this service but a few per episode on a show with great content to save this show and get a season 2 I’m fine with



That would be awesome but WB makes way more money on theatrical releases than they do off of this streaming service even if the movies are subpar they will make way more money on them

Based on all the complaints DCU gets on a daily basis about paying customers not liking when we have to wait for stuff, I can’t imagine the backlash that would occur if they started introducing ads on this service.

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I dont care if i have to wait to watch one episode a week especially because if they released it all at once I would binge them all and have nothing else to watch on DCU also its something to look forward to every friday after work I even have veiwing partys at my house with friends but i guess I’m not as impatient as some people

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