Create a new superhero


  1. The hero should be very different from you, (this is to test your creativity)
  2. Add a backstory, powers and name (obviously).
  3. Let loose

This is an awesome idea! I’m going to move it over to Fan Creations in just a moment so it can get the right attention!

Origin: A radioactive energy lobbyist bit a U.S. Senator

Powers: Flight, super strength, Corrupt-O-Vision

Name: Omnibus Bill


That’s part twisted and part sick

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I would make an elementals team but with weird version of their powers
Jason: can talk to fire and tell it what to do
Ava: can use lightning as an energy source to power her and her friends
Aden: is a human rock which means he is tough but he can break or shatter if there’s a lot of pressure or water is involved
Mary: can control water but if it’s a different body of water let’s say lake or ocean it can do different things for both of those.

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As part of the project I’m working on, I ended up creating a teen sidekick for the Gray Ghost (who in the series is more of a homage to Adam West’s Batman).
The character’s name is “Scarlet.” The idea is that the Gray Ghost’s civilian identity of Simon Trent fought in the Pacific during WWII. After the war, he was stationed in Japan, where he found “Scarlet” (haven’t thought of a civilian name for her yet) wondering Okinawa as a homeless orphan. He adopted her and took her back to America with him after he was discharged following an altercation with a corrupt higher-up. The two now fight crime together, Scarlet being 15 going on 16 and wearing a bright red outfit with a domino mask.
(I originally considered calling her Jade Fox in reference to a background character from Kingdom Come, but “the Gray Ghost and Scarlet” has a nicer ring to it)


Actually, I rather like Jade Fox.

A character that’s always stuck in my brain was mechanicler.
I made him up when thinking about elementary school “books” to write but never really did anything with it. He was a kid living in low-mid class with an older brother and his parents who only saw him as one of their sons friends (the older brother was the only one they cared about) and kept him around only for their oldest. One night his brother got killed. Mechanicler’s parents ( don’t have a real name for anyone) kicked him out seeing no use for him. Struggling on the street he found a job at a auto repair shop and a car fell on him and gave him powers to manipulate and create cars and other vehicles

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Alright, here’s one of the members of the superhero team I came up with (for an original setting I’ve been toying with for a while):
Name: Mary McMahon

Codename: Captain Argo (II)

Abilities: Invulnerable to non-magical harm, superhuman strength and speed, flight.

Background: Mary was an insurance investigator in Los Angeles. On an assignment involving a theft at a museum, she met and fell in love with archaeologist Jason Petropoulos. Some years prior, Petropoulos had discovered a cloak made from the Golden Fleece that gave him incredible powers, allowing him to become the superhero Captain Argo. Mary discovered this, but agreed to keep Petropoulos’ secret. Eventually, the two were engaged. However, tragedy struck, as Captain Argo was murdered by one of his enemies, the sorcerer Malachi Hand. Mary took up her fiance’s cape to bring Hand and his allies to justice, forming the team which I’ve tentatively named Project Nimbus along with the first Captain Argo’s allies the gadget-wielding polymath Dr. Crucible and the space bounty hunter Star Ranger, and rookie heroes the solar-powered Helioman, the empathic archer Eagirl, the demon-hunter for hire Jake Tyrian, and the shadow-manipulating superspy The Silhouetted Man.

Personality: Mary has… anger issues. While she was able to keep them under control before, Jason’s death has made her increasingly combative and self-destructive. She’s also one of the team members who doesn’t subscribe to the traditional superheroic code against killing, making her relationship with the rest of the team particularly tense. She’s old friends with Star Ranger and Helioman is good at reaching out to people, but the other four are less understanding.

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Toccata Fugue orchestrates symphonies…OF DESTRUCTION :metal:her percussion is exploding bombs, her choir is screams, and fade in with the sirens…!

Also she’s a villain

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I’ve been working on a Universe of my own for quite a few years now and have created over 200+ characters with superpowers (those 200+ not including side characters, only those who are heroes or villains), and multiple major stories, including other planets and dimensions, that all have an overarching story (kind of like the MCU).

One of the more simpler to explain heroes would be:

:arrow_up_small:Superhero name - Independence

:arrow_up_small:"Secret" identity - Ted Sullivan

:arrow_up_small:Power set - Super strength, Flight, Invulnerability

:arrow_up_small:Backstory - 20 some-odd years ago a major chemical testing manufacturer, or MCTM, exploded do to unknown circumstances (that I wont go into cause that’s a story for another set of heroes and its not intuitive on his story :wink:), releasing an unknown chemical compound into the atmosphere, activating a recently undiscovered gene in human DNA (that gene later renamed to Nanosome) giving some humans superpowers (kind of like the particle accelerator from The Flash tv show). Anyway, Ted was a secret service agent to a President who did not like the new emergence of super-powered beings, or Amplifieds, or Amps, as the media calls them, claiming they should turn themselves in to authorities because most of the newly turned Amps were “evil” (cause people suck). At a rally for support of his cause, an assassin tried to kill the President, but mere seconds before the shot, Ted spotted the assassin and jumped in front of the bullet unknowing of his new superpowers, saving the presidents life. They managed to capture the assailant, and seeing that Ted was unharmed from a bullet that was sure to be fatal, the President, and Ted himself, realized he was an Amplified, and had a sort of change of heart seeing something he fought against save his life. Fast forward to present day , Ted, now known to the world as Independence, is the new President’s head of security and personal superhero, fighting to make his country a safer place as the all American hero .

:arrow_up_small: Nickname/catchphrase - Capital hills new declaration

That was the simplest way to explain him, trust me there are characters with way more complex backstories than him . Hope you liked it.


I haven’t come up with a universe, but inhve come up with many superheroes. Technically you can call it universe.

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I can’t think of a superhero either

Name: Dr. Noah Green

Codename: Doctor Crucible

Abilities: Genius polymath, access to experimental advanced technology.

Background: Noah was born into a lower middle-class family in Pittsburgh, who discovered that something was up with him around the time he built a functioning jetpack at age five. As he grew up, his interests spread beyond science and invention to the arts, humanities, athletics, and even law and criminology. Considering his greatest asset to be knowledge, Noah became a professor [I’m still waffling between making up a fictional university or using the actual University of Pittsburgh]. Soon, however, tragedy struck when one of his students was murdered in a drug deal gone wrong. Shortly thereafter, the dealers responsible were apprehended by a man in a mask and a grey suit, left tied up in crucibles in an abandoned steel plant. Oddly enough, they reported that the man ambushed them from above with a jetpack. Stranger still, the next month Noah happened to publish an extensive paper on the philosophy and ethics of vigilante justice. Over time, Doctor Crucible built up an arsenal of advanced technology, seeking out and defeating wrongdoers.

Noah met and befriended Jason Petropoulos early in his heroic career. Petropoulos had published an article claiming that he had discovered evidence of actual magic used in the ancient world. Noah, a committed skeptic, published a rebuttal savaging Petropoulos’ research as sensationalistic nonsense. Petropoulos challenged Noah to join him at the dig site where the evidence was discovered, and the two discovered one another’s secret identities when Captain Argo and Doctor Crucible joined forces to battle an undead sorcerer entombed in the ruins (proving Noah wrong in the process).

Personality: Noah comes across as arrogant and aloof, finding social interaction tiring. However, he has a strong personal sense of justice and fairness. He hides his principles behind a layer of sarcasm and cynicism, and often needs friends to “translate” for him. However, when he considers a cause or task worth his attention, he devotes himself to it diligently and loyally.

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Callum Orson

AKA: The Protector
Powers: Able to convert physical and mental pain into energy that can be used for anything (the stronger the power, the more energy used)
Unique Traits: Eyes flash gold with every use of his power.

Story: Soon after being born, Callum Orson was anonymously given to an orphanage. His father looked out for him from a distance, being a mysterious yet caring parent, having already failed one of his children, but couldn’t save him from everything. His father was rich and donated large sums of money to the orphanage every year, and Cal was smart, so he was sent to a private school. Callum was shy, his only friends being from the orphanage, but had a clear vision of right and wrong, good from evil. Unfortunately for him, the students there despised him for his unavoidable situation (him being an orphan) and viciously tormented him throughout the school year. Finally, one incident in which the students relentlessly tortured him for their own amusement caused Callum to almost die. Callum did recover, and a mysterious man named Bartholomew Wethersong took him in. He explained to the shy but caring youth that he was chosen to protect the world. Callum found himself confused and questioning the choice, but didn’t dwell on it, as it wasn’t his choice. Bartholomew took him to what is commonly known as a ‘pocket dimension’ where space and time are constructs that don’t exist as they do on Earth. Feeling alone, Callum managed to convince Bartholomew to train his best friend, Mason Marsden, to join them. There, for what was technically two timeless years, Bartholomew taught Callum how to use his powers and Mason how to fight. Bartholomew trained Callum and Mason both in blacksmithing, medicine, and different fighting styles. Callum was told to smith his own set of armor, which was white with shifting spots of black, along with a golden trim to match the flash from his eyes. Callum became more mature, but his biggest problem was always his mental separation between his powers and his pain, forcing him to have to intensely focus to use his powers. As a final test, Callum was sent to a nearby dimension whose human were losing a vital war against the demons. Callum used all that Bartholomew had taught him, while Mason and Bartholomew carefully watched. Callum joined forces with the wary humans, who were in over their heads, and one girl, Annabeth Monroe, feared he was a spy, and kept a close eye on him. Quickly, Callum made sure everyone was ready for a sudden attack in case the demons decided to do just that, and sure enough, they did. Everyone witnessed Callum’s proficiency with swords, and they asked him to lead them in the war. Callum refused at first, and Annabeth challenged him to a dual, the winner becoming the leader. She was also very skilled, but Callum’s reflexes were just stronger. He became the leader, and it wasn’t long before the propinquity between them caused them to develop feelings for one another. They refused to act on their feelings, but deep down knew what the other one felt. Discreetly, a being told Annabeth that there was indeed a spy in camp, but Annabeth feared it was a hoax to throw them off balance. Sure enough though, Annabeth witnessed a man with a knife behind his back enter Callum’s strategy tent, and she ran to save him. Callum was clueless to the attacker’s intentions, and as soon as he turned his back the man attacked him, but before he could stab Callum, Annabeth got between them, and she was stabbed instead. Full of rage and emotion, Callum took the fight to the demons, and slaughtered them all nearly to the point of no return. He was significantly distraught over the loss of Annabeth, someone he would have said he loved but couldn’t protect, and only Mason could calm him down after he demolished the demons. Grieving still, Callum went back to his world and began to do his best to save everyone and anyone, with Mason being his essential wingman.
(Note: I wrote an entire story that follows the events after that stopping point and I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll try and smooth it down)
Callum has nemesis from other worlds.
Callum’s armor partially represents his intentions and ‘goodness’
Callum is such a kind and good person that he fights his ‘temptations’
Callum is a demigod with so much potential, he actually limits himself out of fear of destroying the world or harming someone innocent.
Callum, being good and the only demigod of the creators and managers of the universe, unintentionally pushed away evil or selfish notions and they all came together to create their own persona.
His evil persona doesn’t have a name but can be identified by his evil actions and almost black blue eyes. Because this persona basically has his powers, this is another reason he limits himself so significantly.
While Callum gains power from his pain, his evil side gains power from inciting fear in others.
Ideally, Callum’s significant other would be Supergirl, as they both strive to protect and help people with optimistic attitudes and hidden, sometimes pent up, emotions hidden below the surface.

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Name: The Intruder
True Name: Johden Ferada
Abilities:Power armor, supreme tactical mind, expert hand-to-hand combatant

In the 27th century, humanity has ventured into space and colonized worlds in other galaxies. As governments were established, they mirrored many of the different types from Earth. The Star Union was one of the most powerful and well-established of these governments. It consisted of 14 colony worlds and alliances with several non-human species. Their primary flees was known as the Order of the Stellar Phoenix. Once a thriving Oligarchy, ruled by a council elected by the people, over the years; the council served it’s own interest by taking the power from the people and appointing their own successors. The Union became a more militaristic entity. They became conquerors and The Order of the Stellar Phoenix became feared throughout the Union. Johden Ferada was Captain of a small destroyer class ship. He voiced his displeasure with the council to his Command Crew. They spoke with the crew and the crew agreed with their Captain. So Johden became responsible for beginning a resistance movement to bring the Council back to an elected body. He found a neutral port and refit his ship with new weapons and changed it’s gleaming silver hull to black. he took a page from Earth history and painted a skull and crossbones on the hull. He fashioned himself an identity and become a pirate in order to divert supplies and munitions to the resistance. He was now the space pirate called the Intruder.


Cacty the Cactus
Blue Lantern
By @Anonymousbluebeetle and @portalman

I always wanted to make a hero called aura who had the power to create a protective barrier around themselves. They can use this as a shield or making their fist hit like a brick. The character would originally be self concerned. Afraid to run into battles that could pose a threat to them. Then, when she’s in a crumbling building she spots a family consisting of 2 parents and a child. With her power only blanketing her body she can only huddle herself around the child to protect it. The parents end up dying and she is racked with guilt about it. This causes her to change her ways and she trains even harder vowing to never allow anyone to die on her watch. This would morph her power allowing her to increase the gap between her barrier and her skin like an avatar around her body so she can protect more people. However, now she is too obsessed with saving everyone and is not sleeping much and throwing herself instantly into danger. She can do this, but her barrier has limits. For example, bruises appear on her skin or minor cuts. She gets a talk about how you can’t save everyone and it’s unfortunate ideally by someone like batman who throws themselves into crime fighting. This advances her power even further allowing her to mold her barrier into different shapes before stiffening it. Like a weaker green lantern. I would want her origin to be a talisman around her neck being the Egyptian eye of Horus

This character is a jock who would not be caught dead on a “geek streaming service” (about as different from me as you can get). He was in an accident at a lab and the kind hearted professor gave him prosthetic arms. They fall off when he wants them too. (read Convergence: Supergirl Matrix). He is … Unarmed Man! I can see it now:
Flunky 1: oh no! It’s … Unarmed Man!
Unarmed Man!: Stick your hands up… I can’t!
Flunky 2: Never!
Unarmed Man!: then we fight!
Flunky 1: Wait guys! It’s not fair if we fight an unarmed man with our weapons! (this is the '60s apparently)
All flunkies: Oh man! He’s right.
Unarmed Man! proceeds to use his amazing head butting and kicking skills to thwart the evil doers once again!
(for the record it is “Unarmed Man!” not “Unarmed Man”. think SHAZAM!)

Here is another original one I made up for an rp campaign:

Name: Elliot Poe
Codename: TBD (Feel free to suggest one)
Occupation: Antihero styled thief


Elliot obtained his powers in his teens, when he was just a street kid running with the wrong crowd committing small time burglaries. Eventually his crew was recruited to break into a small local museum to steal artifacts for sale on the black market, one of which happened to be what appeared to be no more than a small metal box with curious writing on it he couldn’t understand. He’d been warned not to open said box before delivering it, but just before handing it over, curiosity got the better of him. The second he touched that small metal talisman, his body absorbed it, and everything he touched that wasn’t made of metal suddenly began turning to dust…both objects and people.

Elliot remembers little about that night after opening the box. He woke up the next day in the ruins of the building he’d been in surrounded by piles of dust he was fairly certain used to be people. Too afraid of hurting people he cares for, he’s cut himself off from his family, including the baby daughter he adored, and has lived on the streets for over a decade stealing to survive, using his powers to help him gain entry to buildings he plans to burglarize. Though he’s developed reasonably good control of his powers over the years, he still feels the need to wear gloves when in contact with the few people closest to him. He hasn’t lost control and dusted anyone in years…but Elliot still prefers not to take any chances. The thought of hurting anyone actually gives him nightmares. He might be a thief, but Elliot does have a conscience, and only steals from those who he believes are wealthy enough not to miss it much. He’s been known to help people in trouble, and isn’t above using his powers to play Robin Hood for those in need.

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