Create Your Own Superhero/Villain!

If only!!
May be quite the long shot, but I will surely submit your suggestion to the relevant parties and see if anything happens! :smiley:


-Has the same powers as the Atom
-Trained by Richard Dragon and Batman
-Sidekick to The Atom
-Fights with a Bow Staff That has the ability to Stun People
-Was adopted by Ray Palmer
-Member of The Teen Titans


I love the idea of a character smashing a jerk’s face along a broken car window.

Just fills me with warm fuzzies.


@samontrebrown26.81169 I like the idea of The Atom having a sidekick! Reminds me of that one episode of TTG where they go inside of Cyborg when he’s sick. I can definitely see the benefits of an atom-sized duo attacking from the inside.

So, what’s Micro’s thing?
You know everybody’s gotta have a “thing”. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vroom Shrouds of glitter and rainbows are overtaking me just thinking of it. lol

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@Vroom I mean, noooo! Violence is never the answer!

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No, it’s not the answer, you’re right. However, I am envisioning a scenario akin to A Clockwork Orange with maybe a smidge of Joker’s dance with Ms. Vale from Batman plopped in for good measure.

“I’m singin!” character grabs a weiner’s head, smashing it through a window “Just signin’…” opens car door and closes it HARD on the perp repeatedly while dancing a jig “Just singin’ in the rain!” *the perp gets up and run towards our character, who then turns around quickly and with one foot kicks the assailant to the ground and with the other kicks 'em right in the smacker and bingo, lights out (temporarily of course).

To be clear, I’m not saying this is any of the characters we’ve created here. Maybe…Red Hood? Yeah, him. He’d play Car Whack-An-Idiot for sure.


Micro is a skilled and smart fighter but not as smart as Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi.
The atom the brain and Micro is the muscle.

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Micro also carries a gadgets in his utility belt and stun blasters on his wrist.

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@vroom That is SO Clockwork and for sure Redhood! You nailed it.
I could see Joker doing it as well. But it would be so much more enjoyable as Redhood!


“Whack-an-Idiot” :joy:


@samon I can dig it! So does Micro stick to the brawn or is he trying to learn any of the smarts stuff? What’s the dynamic like between the Atom and Micro?

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He mostly sticks to the brawn but is still also intelligent.

Also the relationship with the atom is that he hates that the Atom keeps trying to treat him like a kid most of the time and sometimes disobeys his orders and go in head first


But he does look up to ray palmer and consider her as a father figure


Thanks to the knowledge he learned in school and from palmer.
He creates gear and tech that will be useful during missions which ray sometimes help him with and funds him.


Nice - I like it! The Atomic Duo!


I’m going to give this a try lol

My character for this entry will be a Villain.

Name :

Real Name
Ronald Morgan

Villain Name:
Snake Eye

Cybernetic Strength & Speed
X Ray Vision & Targeting Mode

Weapon of Choice:
Cross Bow

Ronald Morgan was nothing more than a two bit hood in Gotham City serving under his boss, Mr Freeze. He was kind of a trouble maker, loved gambling in his off time & was very vengeful to those who cheated him.

One day Freeze was planning to make his big comeback by freezing the entire GCPD & all major Hospitals showing Gotham who was truly in charge. He had sent his men all throughout Gotham with special made Ice Canons. However unbeknownst to Mr Freeze, Batman had his team split out to handle the said threat. While Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood, Damian ( Robin), Batwing, & Batwoman helped in stopping Freeze’s henchman, Batman & Catwoman teamed up to take the Iceman, himself, down.

This whole time Freeze had ordered a few of his men to stay at his side in case the Bat showed. One of those unlucky thugs was Ronald. When Freeze ordered his men to attack, that’s when all Hell broke loose.

Catwoman & Batman were taking them out right & left. Ronald took cover, then saw an ice Canon one of the knocked out thugs had and went for it. Catwoman saw Ronald going for it and leaped at him. Ronald shot quick but missed, this infuriated Selina. She not only tackled him but swiped a big scratch along his face. Little had she known she scratched his Right eye permanently blinding him in that eye. She felt upset with herself, Batman had warned her about control over her emotions.

This whole time Batman was fighting Mr Freeze. As Batman delivered the final blow, Freeze collapsed. Ronald begins to wimper in pain & barely able to move squirms in the snow. Batman turns & sees Ronald & gives a glare at Catwoman.

Freeze hears his men have lost & will not accept defeat. He reaches for his gun but Batman strikes him before he even grabs it completely. Batman then approaches Ronald as he screams & whimpers from the broken bones & lost eyesight. Batman tells Catwoman she needs to try harder next time. Catwoman agrees but gives an eye roll & tries to justify herself. As the two leave to meet back up with the rest of the team.

Ronald takes this moment to drag himself up to the Ice Gun & begins to pull the trigger on Catwoman. Batman & her turn to see Ronald aiming, Batman throws a batarang & causes the Gun to jam & explode as it falls out of Ronald’s grasp. The gun emits ice shards in a small explosion. Covering his hands & parts of his legs. He grows cold & begins to die. They leave him for paramedics & meet up with the others.

Ronald is then transported to a medical room. It is revealed to be a clinic run by Hugo Strange. Being the mad scientist he is, Strange takes Ronald & creates the perfect specimen. He replaces his hands & legs with robotic parts. Giving him increased strength & speed. Also he is given a special Glass Eye with a built in targeting system & x ray spec. It looks like a Serpent’s eye, hints the new persona.

From then on Ronald would only be known as “Snake Eye” to his enemies. With the anger that drives him & his new abilities & skills, he would look to punish those responsible. His biggest grudges of course would be for Catwoman ( his eye) , Batman (his arms & legs), & Mr Freeze( Being his plan & his gun). Blinded by rage, he will exact his revenge on those he feels wronged him.

I’m sorry if this sounds stupid at parts. It’s late & I’m half out of it lol


Ok so to answer the questions. Yes Mitch does use his writing to promote the Truth about Dragons. One of the side affects of his being empowered is that he not only has the powers but also the combined memories of all of the dragons that ever lived. as he has appeared as a Super Hero called Golden Dragon (and not a villain) He has a bit more credibility to his premise that Dragons were not actually a bad lot. As to re-populating the dragon race…well there are possibilities in that direction…although there are some…ahem! logistics that need to be worked out. As Mitchell, he’s an ordinary human who will produce normal human children. as GD the Hero, he’s a male form but…anatomically impaired…as the Dragon, he’s not so impaired but…well, even if the female in question survives the coupling…she may not survive the…birth.


Ive been thinking of this character for a while so theres going to be a lot of information. Also Im a comic book writer so like character plannings my thing.

Name: Robyn Asten/Wayne
Age: 15
Powers: Hes rich? He has no powers but grew up living on the streets until batman takes him under his wing. He has good pickpocketing skills and great upper body strength which makes it easy for him to climb up things.
Place in DC continuity: Every once in a while we get a new Robin right? This would be set in the future after Damian goes off to run the league of assassins or something (cause like we all know thats going to happen)
Backstory: After Damian goes off to run the League of Assassins Batman is without a Robin. He manages just fine for a while but as always he kind of gets lonely. One day while Bruce is tracking down someone whos been abducting children off the streets he comes across this girl who has been tracking down the same person. She says that her friend whos been taking care of her was abducted by them and insists on helping. After learning that this girl can hold in a fight batman reluctantly agrees. The two working together end up finding the guy but theyre too late her friend is already dead. Bruce talks her into letting him take her to an orfanage or somewhere safer than the streets. She agrees. Bruce keeps tabs on her for a while and learns that shes still angry and ran away. This time Batman as Bruce goes and finds her. They form an instant bond (she doesnt know Bruce and Batman are the same person) and she agrees to go back. In the end it was actually Alfreds idea to adopt yet another child because Bruce was getting lonely again. At some point she reveals to one of the other batfam members (maybe barbara) and reveals shes actually transgender. As a joke Babs suggests the name Robyn. It instantly stuck. Robyn doesnt become Robin until later when he decides that he liked it better on the streets where he was allowed to get his anger out on the nearest creep. Bruce not wanting to put another child in the position of being a vigilante eventually does because he sees how much potential Robyn has. Robyn gets to wear the mask and boom! Now we have another Robyn.
Personality: Robyn is like a mix of Tim and Damian in a way. He’s a good detective like Tim and he always thinks things through but like Damian he can also be aggressive and impulsive at times. He looks up to Barbara a lot and she is like a best friend to him. Overall hes outgoing (but can be shy) , thoughtful, impulsive and driven.
Appearance: Robyn is about 5’4". Hes scrawny but athletic from all the time he spent living on the streets. He has a lot of upper body strength in particular. Robyn has green eyes and short red hair. He has a few freckles on his face but not many.

I think thats all I had. Like said Im a comic book writer so character planning is my thing



Name - Justin “Poncho” Hart

Powers/Weaknesses - Time Control that strains the user mentally and physically.

Place in the DCU/Background - Recruited into the Time Masters after causing multiple, small, time anomalies and gaining the attention of Rip Hunter.

Personality - Laid back, soft spoken, uncomfortable around large groups; would rather be playing the latest NHL game, painting, or working in his garden.