Crisis on Earth 1 Heroes VS. Villains

By Crisis on Earth Game 267 we should have covered it all


Oh goodness 267 games. That would be sight. Especially if people are willing to play that many games :flushed:


It should only take… Eh a year? We only started these in March lol


5 votes and the split is even. We may have to have a runoff!


Welp guess I’ll leave it and wait and see what happens. After all the third game isnt posted yet.


Here is this; previous players please let me know if I have covered all the bases!

Game 3 Rules (thus far)


  • ALL PLAYERS MUST PARTICIPATE - We have 50 players. If you have played before you know that the villains have their own group PM and ALL the game members also have a PM for voting. This being said non villains are required to post at least once every 24 hours in the group PM because there will be so much going on and usually 2 or 3 phases pass in the 24 hour period.

  • Villains are exempt from the first rule because they have their own PM and if one isn’t active there same as the first rule they will be taken out of the game.

  • You are REQUIRED to vote every day phase if you don’t do this you are automatically out of the game. Again 50 players 1 of me and it’s not fair to the other players if one person doesn’t vote or participate. I will post an example of what voting looks like below.

  • You DO NOT have to post in the main thread to stay in the game. However, if you want to keep up with the game the main thread (here) you should at least read over a few of the posts. As from previous games it gets post heavy.

  • DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CHARACTER! Unless you are a villain and in the villain group PM. The point of this game is to FIND the villains and vote them out before they get to you first.

  • Since this has been a huge issue in terms of game play, all abilities can only be used ONCE. Unless stated otherwise in the character descriptions. When in doubt, think you can only use your ability once.

  • When posting in our game room PM please keep conversations to a minimum as there is a 500 message or so limit. (at least I think that’s still a thing someone help please) However you can converse HERE in the main thread. I don’t mind plus it adds to our little game community.

  • I will be announcing who has met their fate here in the main thread if you need to see an example I will post a link in the FAQ.

  • Roles will be given out via PM from me. You can’t choose your role or request a role. It’s strictly random.

  • Just have fun! Don’t take this too seriously and enjoy the game!


Q:What does voting look like?
A:Here is a link to an example- Crisis on Earth 1 Heroes VS. Villains

Q:What do the phases look like?
A:Here is a link to an example -
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel

Q:How do I know what character I am?
A:It was sent in a PM from me

Q:What if I don’t know how to play?
A:Here is a link to the first and second games I suggest skimming through the first one to get a grasp on the idea.

Q:How do I know where I can use my ability?
A:In the PM I sent it tells you what phase your ability can be used.

Q:If I am voted out can I still vote?

Q:If I am voted out or killed can I still talk to people on the main thread?
A:Yes! In fact we call them “ghosts” however, please refrain from posting conversation in the game PM.

Q:Where are the rules?
A:In the first 2 paragraphs of this post.

EDIT Everyone here who posted is getting a spot reserved for when I post the game! Unless you don’t want to play just let me know!!


I have a suggestion I don’t want considered, Opal City, just don’t like my favorite DC city to get left out all the time.


I think the power once thing is good. Sometimes it’s fun to use it multiple like doomsday in game 2 when he was knocking down bases left and right but some characters in the 50 are really OP like Doctor Fate and Darkseid and this can help control that a bit.


@bladexoxo, I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but because it came up a couple times before, maybe you can clarify: if I’m a hero and use my ability to discover a villains identity, can I let everyone in the main game thread know clearly and fully what I’ve discovered?


Is it possible to still get a spot or is the game filled for now?


Cool, I’m in if I can get a spot. I’m def a noob, I look over the last two rounds. Thanks


I got 50 spots to fill! So yes you can join!!!


Yes I will put that in the FAQ!!


I have been debating on putting the game up sooner rather than later mainly because there are so many spots to fill. What do you guys think?

  • Post The Game
  • Wait for the 12th

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I think that depends on when you actually wanna start playing. It may take a minute to find fifty players (but how cool would it be if the spots filled up lickity-split?)


Personally, I say wait until you get 50 players. I’d definitely prefer the experience of playing with an insane amount of people like that.


@Aylex well its not going to be started until we get the 50 players. I can still post the main thread though game wont be officially started till I had the 50


@ralphsix I dont want to start the game till we have the 50 but if spots filled up within 24 hours welp idk!


I think if you post it sooner people will see it and spots will start filling up. Waiting for 50 will probably take a few days to a week so sooner is better. But whatever @bladexoxo thinks.


Can I grab a spot on the new game too? Unless, you want more first time players first.