Crisis on Infinite Earths final trailer!

The tv pic of the death of superman im hearing the body for that shot is gerard christopher see if anyone knows who he is

When will wheatons character dies am i the only
Whose going to stand up and cheer ?

I too want to see lynda carter as diana prince do her twirl one last time and become wonder woman


For fun - Comic vs Trailer comparisons:


Can’t wait. They have said they are going to be very faithful to the comic I believe, however, can’t imagine how they would do that. Thoughts?

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Same. Crazy excited


Thanks for this list and questions. Really great

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So, I’m old enough that I collected pre and post Crisis, and the one thing that has always blown my mind is this. They killed off Earth 1 Wonder Woman. Final issue, as the battle is ending, they kill her off. It rarely gets any mention let alone attention. I was hoping so hard they would ask Lynda Carter to come back and play Earth 2 WW who gets to go to Olympus at the end, but I’ve heard nothing to indicate that happened. Hope I’m wrong. I was also really hoping Amy (especially), Sam, and Hector would talk about that when they did their Crisis recap final installment. It’s just weird to not include the 3rd spoke of the DC Trinity in this.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they had like a page where they explicitly said that Wonder Woman didn’t die, she reformed to clay as she went back through the gate to earth 1 and returned through time to her origin of the new earth.


Yeah, it was one of the last pages of the series. Good thing, too, considering they otherwise would’ve been completely glossing over such a significant death

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Well it’s a little bit of splitting hairs. Barry didn’t die either. Marv Wolfman as always said he didn’t kill off The Flash, he actually gave him the means to travel back in time and become the very lightning bolt that gave him his powers and reside in the Speed Force. And with all due, Barry isn’t one of The Trinity. The only one really actually killed for real was Kara. Plus it was well over a year before Perez took the WW title over and brought Diana back.

Here we go…the Crisis is upon us…
So excited - would be so happy if psycho pirate is included


After that Elseworld’s introduction I assume Psycho Pirate is going to have a role to play.

But then again, a year has passed and I do have continuity questions.

What happened to the batcave forest with the suit tree? :smiley:

I presume that Elseworld’s take place after the first part of Batwoman season 1, but before the other half. Will the show skip a year of events or so midseason during which the batcaveforest grew and Wayne tower turned into a dump. :yum:

There is a “Crisis Aftermath” show on right after Supergirl tonite.


I’m beyond excited for the next three nights!! It’s great to finally see this story come to life in live action. A lot of surprises are still kept quiet as well. Then there is the Post-Crisis era of the Arrowverse. Just few more hours to go :slight_smile: :clark_hv_1::flash_hv_1::batman_hv_6::bow_and_arrow:


Can’t wait! I been watching since the very first episode of Arrow back in 2012! Seen every episode of every show at least twice! Long live the Arrowverse :metal:


Damn, that’s some amazing dedication! There’s no better way to prepare than that

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The show making them cousins was kind of dumb

Are you talking about Bruce and Kate? That’s not the show’s decision - they’re literally cousins in the comics

Can’t wait its going to be epic. Far more epic than infinity war cause it takes place across multiple universes, worlds, and planets. I hope they don’t try and play it safe and try to stick as much to source material as possible, but this is CW so you never know.


At the end of Episode 2 of 5

There are Seven Paragons needed to defeat the Anti Monitor

Paragon of Hope.
Kara Zor el Earth 38 Supergirl

Paragon of Destiny.
Sara Lance White Canary Legends

Paragon of Courage.
Kate Kane Earth 1 Batwoman

Paragon.of Truth.
Kal el Earth 96 (Brandon Roth)

we have seen that the following are not Paragons

Earth X heroes
Burt Ward
Lex Luthor
jonah Hex
Clark Kent and Lois Lane Smallville
Kevin Conway Batman
Luke Fox
Superman who was in Superboy TV series, shown killed by Lex Luthor in Superman 75 panel on Time Square sized screen

Seen so not Likely a Paragon

Mia Queen
Ray Palmer
Clark Kent Lois Lane Earth 38
Jon.Kent may age like Alex Luthor did in Comic Book Crisis
Martian Manhunter
Alex Danvers
Lena Luthor
iris West

So three remain ro be identified

unkbown Status

Barry Allen Earth 1
Oliver Queen Earth 1

Not Yet Seen

Helena Wayne Birds of Prey
Ryan Choi New Atom
John.Welsley Snipes Flash
Black Lightning
Central City? Detective Jim Corrigan Spectre Paragon of Vengence?

Characters Not Yet Revealed like Lynda Carter as Queen Hippolyta

I thing somewheres the showrunner said they would introducebthree new characters which seem to be

Ryan Choi Atom

I’m from the future and that list is wrong sorta sorry