Crisis on Infinite Earths on CW

I’m sure everyone knows by now that Crisis on Infinite Earths will be a five-hour event that takes place in December, likely ending on a cliffhanger, then concludes in January, and will involve all five of the shows connected to the Arrowverse.

Here’s an article with the details:

We know the following regarding certain shows: it’s the last season of Arrow, the first season of Batwoman and that Legends of Tomorrow will start midseason (likely January) rather than in the fall as it has in the past.

Also, it’s worth noting that Supergirl’s 100th episode should take place before Crisis on Infinite Earths gets underway.

What does everyone think about Crisis on Infinite Earths coming to TV? What do you expect will happen?

Keep in mind that Supergirl and Legends have yet to air their season finales (they are coming in a few days) so we might get a few more teases.


One thing I’m pretty sure is that the Arrow series finale will be its portion of the crossover. Either the cliffhanger or the final part.


Supergirl will end with the 87th episode this season. That makes the 13th episode of season 5 the 100th episode and will be after the Crisis…

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Never understood why there wasn’t a crossover in the 2nd half of the season


I personally feel that 5 episodes is way too brief for this story. CRISIS should be a season long crossover Story/Event. Not every episode has to be a crossover, but don’t try to do this and wrap it up in 5 episodes. Each show can take a part of the CRISIS as its core and tell its part. As Arrow is ending Oliver can continue to serve the Lyta role (which he kind of has anyway as being the central connector) and what pepper the footage of the other shows with it he storylines as information and video within all the shows. This way the actors don’t have to be one all the sets, yet the full story gets the credit it deserves.

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I would imagine the event will be built up in the episodes leading up to the actual crossover. It won’t just be contained to these five hours.


I hope to see a Smallville Earth in the crossover. There could be two Green Arrows, two Supermen, two Lois Lanes, two Flashes…

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I assume there will be some kind of buildup to Crisis, maybe from the beginning of the season or a few episodes before.

As far as what will happen. They might throw us a curve but all signs point to Arrow being killed off. No way they will kill of Supergirl and Flash like in the comics for obvious reasons. I mean I guess they could have Wally West take over for Flash, which on paper could be interesting. But I doubt the network would love the idea of taking the star out of their biggest of the franchise without him wanting to leave especially, and Supergil obviously couldn’t continue so she can’t be being killed off. So my guess is Arrow will bite it.

As for who if anyone will be killed off (imagine some won’t make it if they want to live up to the REAL Crisis.). I would guess that one or two of the Legends might be killed off. The cast has gotten huge and they like to rotate characters out. So would seem an obvious way to do it. Although some might be written off dead or otherwise in the finale, could see the series is setting up to write off Ray and possibly Nora with him.

I also could see them killing off some of the Flash cast seeing as how rumors of most of the cast leaving have been circulating. It’s possible they are just sticking around next season until the crossover. Wells would be a likely one to write off with Crisis. If like the comics they combine the multiverse (seems a likely outcome) then the whole Wells is a different earth’s version each season couldn’t really keep going. So if they do that either one lone surviving Wells will be a main character going forward or they will write him off and end his storyline. Sisko I could also see being killed off, as rumors of him leaving were rampant and the signs were there. They seemed to be setting that up with the final episode, but never actually said he left the team. He might appear scarce until the crossover.

I also assume they will combine the multiverse. Naratively I don’t like the idea, but I am sure that it would fix the Supergirl is on another earth problem the show has had since it came to CW and they got stuck with that decision they made when it was on another network.

I also assume some characters from past DC shows will appear. I think a lot of fans want to see every past DC show and the DCU shows all represented, and both financially, rights wise and logistically I don’t see how they could ever begin to pull that off. But I think one or two characters from past DC shows will be making an appearance. Although would be fun if they did some bit like the various earths looking at the skies turning red and CGIed in shots from past DC shows into it somehow in a quick montage. But that seems like it would be costly and have logistic problems too.

I do hope it doesn’t dissapoint too many people. The one problem I think CW might have from announcing something that big that much in advance is fans have had time to theorize and in a lot of cases are building up ideas that the show can’t possibly pull off and will end up going in with unrealistic expectations. But I can’t say I am not looking forward to it.

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I hated the crisis the first time because they killed off or erased a lot of good characters and it put me off comics for quite awhile. I do know now you don’t need a Lazarus pit to bring back a hero and that DC reality comes in many forms. I was so surprised to see Alan Scott in a recent comic when he didn’t make it through the Crisis the first time. Anyway, I hope they keep Barry Allen and I say they have a right to do it. Supergirl, too! Sorry for my soapbox ramblings. One does get attached to characters.


I’m hoping the first 8 episodes of Arrow show Oliver bouncing around the multiverse, meeting alternate comics-based versions of the people he knows (Diggle as a Green Lantern, Dinah as a rock star), as well as other superheroes he doesn’t (Tom Welling is rumoured to be on Arrow next season, so a visit to Smallville Earth is likely – maybe even with a Green Arrow meets Green Arrow face off there). Then episode 9 starts Crisis and episode 10 concludes it.


I definitely think visiting other cinematic universes would be fun. We’ve already seen '90s Flash, so they’ve planted the seeds for more direct multiverse involvement. Even if we just see clips from past shows as everything flashes around in the background, it’d be fun to see those universes.


I’m definitely looking forward to this event. They’ve been leading up to this for quite a while. I’m curious how they will pull it off. I hope we get to visit other non-CW shows from the DC Comics library too.


How awesome would it be to see Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman with her daughter Fury in the Crisis episodes?


I want the next Legends series to be that they travel through the multiverse every episode.
One week Kingdome Come Earth, Crime Syndicate Earth, Kamandi Earth, vampire Earth, female JLA Earth.
Hell…even Bizarro Earth.


@dogwelder8 like a DC Comics version of Sliders? That actually would be pretty cool if done right. They already go through time and now magic why not?


I need a Chris Reeve Superman appearance in this crossover.

So am I.

Guhhhhhh that would be amazing, @dogwelder9!

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I’d like to see Stephen Amell and Justin Hartley’s Green Arrows side by side


First, @movieaddict, thank you for correcting me. I lost track of the episode count, but you’re right that the 100th episode of Supergirl comes after Crisis.

Also, I’m glad everyone has been keeping the minor spoilers that have been revealed out of this thread. Good to see everyone honors that when a thread isn’t marked for spoilers!

With that in mind, I am going to start a new thread for spoilers so those who want to discuss them have a place to do so. Although every CW DC series has aired it season finale, there are some minor spoilers from each show, so that thread will give everyone a place to discuss those.

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