Crossover: The Last Show You Watched WITH: The Last Video Game You Played

And then there came a Knight unlike any other…

Dark Claw: Winter Knight!

Last game, Arkham Knight.
Last TV show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Episode: New Avengers)

This… could be the best thing ever. Why don’t we have this?! I want it!

It would appear that a massive strike force has invaded New Gotham and is holding it for ransom! Play as the New Avengers (Iron Fist, Spider-man, Dark Claw (Wolverine + Batman), Power Man, War Machine, and the Thing to take down this threat! And who is the mysterious Winter Knight? Could it be a long lost friend of Dark Claw’s? Roam around the massive New Gotham City and free it of the Militia Nazis.

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Gol den Girls is my favorite show

Schitt$ Creek and Fall Guys

Gunda m iron blooded orphans and Avengers

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Barney Miller and Marvels Avengers Beta.
Barney Marvels.

City of heroes and wynonna earp

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Krypton and Marvel vs capcom 3? How will that work?

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Batman building roller coasters in Planet Coaster.

Community/Lego Batman 3. The cast of Community as characters in Lego Batman is something I would actually pay good money to experience :joy::ok_hand:

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Idle Miner Taskmaster.
Your task is to get 18 ×10^87 sapphires out of the ground and to the top of the shaft. Fastest wins. Your time starts now.

Also, it is aired in the US and cancelled by the first commercial break.

Batman: Arkham Knight and Brooklyn 99. That’d be a fun game (assuming the cast of Brooklyn 99 isn’t immediately killed off by Scarecrow)

Kryptcom 3 vs Marvel. :wink:

Maude and Marvel’s Avengers—Maude’s Avengers.