CW DC TV the star girl idea, fo for all the shows!

The way I see it is the DC brand is attached to all these CW TV shows anyway so why not do their plan with stargirl with all the shows? How do these sharing agreements work? Does Warner bros who own DC characters own CW? A portion of it? I watch all of the CW TV DC shows anyway and I’m sure the majority if not all Dcuniverse subscribers at least follow one of the shows cough flash > everyone flash is popular enough to do this with! I wouldn’t mind continuing the subscription for a no commercial day early version of all the shows! Dcuniverse needs something going forward that’s more than just continuing three shows, titans, doom patrol and Harley quinn.each of those shows cost a lot of money to keep going, hence swamp thing - why I first subscribed - isn’t getting a season two because of - I don’t want my topic deleted lol but I figure it’d greatly expand the stuff available and make it more than just an animated DC app. Adult fans like the nostalgia cartoons but I mean even as a superfan…the main series are the only ones I’m probably going to rewatch… the old superman shows…it’s nice to breathe new life into them but I feel like alot of fans are just going an episode or two of those. FB_IMG_1572448045116 FB_IMG_1572671353055 FB_IMG_1572671362348