🛍 Cyber Monday Sale! 🛍

Cyber Monday is here and we have some AMAZING sales in our DC Universe exclusive shop! Check out today’s News article for all the details!

(Hint: 60% off select merchandise and Buy 2, Get 1 Free Funko Pops!)


Excited I saw that this was going on! I just picked up the last 3 Justice League action figures that I needed for my collection. I had told @Applejack I was going to buy them forever ago, welp that day finally came. Promise to take a picture of my entire collection once I recieve!!!

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@PrincessAmethyst Yes! I love completing collections! Better yet, I love seeing others’ collections, so DEFINITELY post pics! I can’t wait to see!

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They came in!

My entire collection is over in the collection area of Everything DC! So excited to have the complete collection finally!

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