D.C. Posters?? share your secrets :D

Saw this thread and thought I’d chime in as well. Hobby Lobby was already mentioned, and they’re a great shop to hunt DC stuff at. I also tend to find posters and canvas prints at places like Ross and Target. I get a lot of posters from cons, too, as well as prints from artists. I’ve also bought and put together DC jigsaw puzzles, using puzzle glue on the back to hold it together once it’s done and then framing them. That creates some pretty unique wall art and you can find a lot of various DC puzzles on Amazon and stores like Hobby Lobby! Good luck, and please share some pictures of the cool posters and stuff that you end up getting! :+1:

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Target is carrying some DC jigsaw puzzles right now. They’re on a display in the toys area. They can usually can be seen from the main aisle that’s between the Electronics and Toys departments.


awesome awesome @Krypto!! That’s some serious creativity…I’m very tempted to try it lol. I want to at least post my current poster cuz it’s my all time favorite .

Thank you all again for such wonderful answers!

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And thanks again @JasonTodd…I never thought to check out a library for potential conventions or cons. I’ll have to come back and let you all know when I experience my first one. I’ve never attended a comic con before :’)

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