Dark Justice Original Series

It would be in the same universe as young justice with the same character but it would be the perspective of the villains. Would really help with character development. Also both dark justice and young justice would correspond but be two different perspectives. It would be interesting to see villain origins and development. It doesn’t exactly have to be like this but a dark justice would be amazing.

Obviously the mentors would be the light and other big villains

The team would consist of people like klarion mist, black spider, and livewire and have additions later on like young Justice

Tell me what u think and would u change or modify anything


What would you make the overall theme of the first season?

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@misfitH I have no idea. What were u thinking it should be

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Well, what if the main subplot of each individual episode is a look back at the life of a villain, that development you talk about at the top of the thread, and there’s always some key life point reflected that causes your Dark Justice team’s main scheme to succeed or fair.

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