Dark Knights :death and death metal questions

I’m a fairly Avid Reader of the big 3 and Justice League. I also tend to read the big individual mini series. So I read Dark Nights metal and I read heroes in crisis and I’m reading Flash Forward and I’m reading dark Knight’s death metal but my question is are there any other series that kind of tie-in to make sense of it all. I’m finding a bit of a gap between Dark Nights Metal and Dark Knight’s death metal. I read Justice League monthly and I’m not sure if it’s filling the gaps for me. Have I missed any mini series in between Dark Nights Metal and Dark Knight’s death metal that might help deconvolute the story arc?


To really catch up on everything between Dark Nights Metal and Death Metal you need to read:

Justice League: No Justice [4 issues]

Justice League (2018-) [First 39 issues]

It’s a lot of reading, but will fill in the Perpetua gaps for you. Or you can search for summary videos on youtube :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hmmm… those links did not work. I got them from using the share button from the series’ pages here on DCU. If you do a search you should find ‘em ok :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am up to date on the Justice League monthlies. I will hunt down No Justice

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Oh… forgot… the Hell Arisen mini series kinda finishes off the Year of the Villain stuff. Not essential, but still part of the story if you’re a completionist :slightly_smiling_face:.