Darkseid Issue #0 Concept

Note, this is completely fan made and unofficial as this is my concept for a prelude issue for a series that I came up with that I am sharing to DC Universe for people to enjoy. This is merely fan fiction and should not be considered canon.

The front cover shows an image of Darkseid on a throne sitting above a large pile of numerous fallen avatars/ versions of himself including (but not limited to) New 52 Darkseid, Final Crisis Darkseid/Dan Turpin, Darkseid’s original design from the OG New Gods series by Jack Kirby, Darkseid with the cape, Pre-Flashpoint Darkseid, Justice League Odyssey Darkseid, DCAU Darkseid, Young Justice Darkseid, Injustice Darkseid, Super Friends Darkseid, Rock of Ages Darkseid, Smallville Darkseid, and numerous versions on him scene in the Dark Multiverse among many other iterations of Darkseid. Behind Darkseid on the throne, looming over behind him, slightly obscured is True Form Darkseid.

This issue is less of a story and more of teaser hinting at what is next to come in the series. It opens with Darkseid standing in what appears to be an empty void. He begins a monologue first asking someone (most likely the reader) what they think of him. Further asking “What is it that you feel when you look into my eyes? What is it that you predict I will do next” He then explains that he already knows the answers to these questions stating “Despicable, fear, and something horrible.” as he answers the questions he asked. He continues by saying “Despite everything, no one knows what I truley am. Nor what I am capable of.” A montage displaying numerous appearances of Darkseid not only limited to his primary iteration are displayed. He explains that he “will soon return to his formal glory.” He further elaborates that he since lost power due to his demise under the influences of the malevolent Monitor, he first appears to be mentioning Darkseid War, but he than explains that it is slightly reminiscent of his more recent conflict with the Anti-Monitor revealing that he was actually referring to the events of Final Crisis as he blames Mandrakk for his “death” in the event. Darkseid than mentions that he has never left and will always be present. Another montage displaying the devastation and suffering he causes from throughout his history. At one point many of his iterations line up perfectly when displaying them as one. Darkseid then says that “There is only one Darkseid” showing a close up of his eyes. He then says that “There has been only one Darkseid.” Revealing that he is still Pre-Flashpoint Darkseid while zooming in on the eyes of his original design. And follows up by saying that “There will only be one Darkseid” showing the eyes of a new version of Darkseid glowing with power unlike any ever seen before. Darkseid then concludes by stating that “In the end, the is only one truth that truley matters… Darkseid is. In the final page it displays two large bright abnormal eyes burning with power with most of its face shrouded in darkness, with what little else we do see being a multicolored face of an entity beyond our comprehension as it appears to be True Form Darkseid.

I hope you enjoyed this, I admit that this wasn’t the best and was a little rushed. Feel free to reply with your thoughts and criticisms below, I would enjoy constructive feedback as I do wish to release my concepts for each individual issue so thank you for reading and bye for now.

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I may revise this later down the line such as organize the layout, improve certain aspects of the dialogue and possibly add more parts to this.