DC Bunch

Last year on Jimmy Fallon show they made a funny Marvel song with a Brady Bunch theme call Marvel Bunch. For fun I made one up called 'The DC Bunch. Hope you guys like it. :grinning:
The DC Bunch

Batman: Here’s a story, of a rich man name Bruce Wayne, Who is starting some sort of a league!
Wonder Woman: one is Amazon Princess.
Aquaman: King of Atlantis.
Green Lantern: An Emerald knight.
Superman: It’s a story, a hero name Superman, who is the greatest hero that ever live! (By Far.)
Flash: I’m a fastest man alive!
Cyborg: A member of Titans.
Martian the Manhunter: A Telepathy.
Batman & Superman: Then one day all the heroes were together, to fight a villain who wants to take over the world!
All: And the team became a Justice Leaguers, that’s a way we all became a DC bunch, a DC bunch, a DC Bunch, that’s a way we all became a DC bunch!
Riddler: Hey Batman!
Batman: Get lost!

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Nice! claps in approval Harry Dunne style