DC characters ways to get around

Thanks very much for the info. It looks like Vol 10 starts in the early Bronze Age and at just the end of Adventure Comics when they were no longer a cover story in Adventure Comics.

Makes me wonder if Vols 1-9 cover some to all of the Silver Age. Granted there are still some noticeable blank runs in the DCU Silver and Bronze Age sections, so redoing them digitally here wouldn’t likely work, at least at present. And if the trades are still selling well, there is no need, from a business standpoint, but hopefully the back catalog will get filled in and in maybe another decade, digital versions of these could be a possibility.

(I grew up on silver age Adventure Comics LOSH comics cuz they were much easier to find in the old 3 for a quarter boxes at the swap meets and often easy to haggle done to 5 for fifty cents or 12 for $1.00. While not always as interesting/complex as the Bronze Age stories, they were complete escapist entertainment I think of fondly.)

Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated.


I loved Grummett when I was younger. Did anyone mention Redbird?

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@DeSade-acolyte I’m a Bronze Age guy who mom got rid of his comics collection so I go back to my childhood reads. I believe the Archive editions start from the beginning. Are you aware of the Silver Age Omnibuses? Well priced, but DC is getting spotty on releasing books. They announce them in solicitations, cancel them, then re-solicited them. Check them out, their descriptions include what issues are included.


Awesome!! Will do.

I had about 24 “long boxes” I had been collecting since the early 70’s but had to liquidate in the late ‘80s early 90’s for financial reasons. Certainly wish I still had them. They could have helped provide for my retirement goals, for sure. Let alone my older brother and sisters comics my mom made us take to the dump. They would have fetched $30k+ in 1974. Literally could have bought my parents house with them. Something my mother still hates to be teased about to this day. :rofl:


Batmobile hot wheels!

My about 10 long boxes got sold by my cousin for $400.00. Mom thought she was helping me out. I told them I could pull out 10 issues and get $400.00. Never leave your “junk” in your parent’s basement. :rofl: