[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] Best Artwork from the Birds of Prey Series! February 13 – 26

Fellow DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs club members, welcome back to our very special corner of the DC Universe Community! I hope you have had success in promoting the very best of DC Comic Book art wherever your travels have taken you since last we met.

For the next two weeks of the shortest month of the year, it seems like an appropriate time for us to piece together as in a scrapbook only the very pinnacle of drawing perfection from the annals of Birds of Prey story fare here in this very thread.

Which artists have best carried the suspense and action of the Birds of Prey stories along? Who has best brought to light the fiery personalities that clash so with this team?

Here are some runs of Birds of Prey currently stored securely in the DC Universe Comic Book Library:

BIRDS OF PREY (1999-) (includes the first ever Birds of Prey, the One Shot, Black Canary/Oracle: Birds Of Prey (1995-) #1 )





Batgirl and the Birds of Prey ( 2016-)

Here is a list of many of the artists who graced the pages of Birds of Prey over their several volumes the past 25 years:

Amanda Conner
Butch Guice
Casey Jones
Claire Roe
Claude St. Aubin
Ed Benes
Greg Land
Jesus Saiz
Joe Bennett
Michael O’Hare
Nicola Scott
Paulo Siqueira
Rick Leonardi
Roge Antonio

Which of these is YOUR favorite Birds of Prey artist? Show us why you feel that way in the discussion below please.


Also, if you know of other appearances of the Birds of Prey in other books (Green Arrow, Team 7, Justice League, Blackhawks New 52, Batgirl, Batman, Black Canary, Nightwing etc), please share those pictorial memories as well.


I wonder which cover this Birds of Prey artwork is from?