[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] DC Art You Are Thankful For! Nov 14-27

Oh boy, and hot dog! There’s alot I’m thankful for from The New 52!

It’s very first comic (literally, as it came out alongside Flashpoint #5 a week before The New 52 began in full):

A rad George Perez piece (to paraphrase Cindy Lou Who: “Why Superman? Why are you destroying the Daily Planet globe?”).

Grant Morrison’s return to The Man of Steel (I dig the police cars designated “19” and “38” underneath Superman).

My favorite New 52 Superman title.

One of the most absolutely pure fun titles of The New 52.

Alongside another fun title (which OMAC appeared in, as did Frankenstein in OMAC).

A new take on an established property.

A solid book from Gail Simone.

A fun, but sadly short-lived, science fiction romp.

Scott Snyder’s legendary run on Batman begins.

My current favorite New 52 Batman title.

The JLI lives again!

And even with all those titles, that’s less than 1/4 of the new 52 launched! Plenty of the table for more reflection and fun!

The Omac story in particular was a well-developed one I felt, with some excellent artwork by Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish.

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Lemme tell ya somethin’ pard…

strikes a match as he lights a smoke, while atop his steed

The book below was a darn fine blend of good writin’ and rollicking artwork. I reckon most folk’ll say “Darn tootin’!” when asked if they liked the below series, mmmhmm.


This is why my username is JL WW SM. I loved the JL, Supes, and Wondy stories in the New 52


Hola! and the art is just gorgeous!!!

Yep! That’s what reeled me in!

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Jim Lee and gorgeous art go together like…well, peanut butter and chocolate.

Since Tony Daniel was the previous focus and New 52 is the current topic, I’m thankful for these:

Variant cover for the above.

More of Daniel’s artistry.

The final ish of Daniel’s short, but very sweet run on Action Comics.

One of my favorite Jim Lee pieces from The New 52:

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I would mention my love of Andy Diggle’s street-level stories, but he draws nada, lol.

I seem to recall @nu52 enjoyed SM / WW etc from this era, but my memory isn’t as sharp as once it was…

Superman/Wonder Woman is gold.

Faora :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


One of the better ideas of the New52 was giving different kinds of titles a shot. One of my favorites was Vodoo a beautiful, fun book. Here’s a couple of covers and a panel that give a good feel for what it’s like.


I know @Vroom put up an All Star Western cover but thought we needed some interior art. This is a book where you notice what a great job the colorist did.


The coloring of ASW just pulls you into the environs and wraps the book around you. It’s a kickin’ book, I reckon.

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My favorite Wildstorm character makes his guns blazing debut in the New 52 DCU:

Here’s Mr. Cash (bottom left) alongside assorted badasses (including Amanda Waller).

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Give me a minute while I go dig up the final cover of Team 7 …I seem to recall it was quite the Corker!

Here we are, along with some of the panel art that issue featuring Slade and Grifter.


I find that a New 52 double feature of Blackhawks and Team 7 is a fine way to spend one’s time.

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Yeah I hope DC keeps trying to make the non super-powered teams work, maybe minor powers at the most , I think it can be a lot of fun.

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I’d love to see Blackhawks get a revival, as there was alot of untapped potential in their New 52 iteration.

Maybe when Spielberg’s Blackhawks comes out? Although, if a new Blackhawks comes out then, it’ll probably be set in WWII, or be set in modern times, but with a retro aesthetic.

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Tuesday we gather round for one last reflection on DC Art we are thankful for, this time stopping by a very unique time in DC comic book history!

Can’t go wrong with #1

Black Adam-Isis is the heart of this series

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I’ve always liked the Batman Begins reference on this cover.

The Main Man, man.

Nice group shot (plus the origin of Booster Gold, which is worth the cover price alone).

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