DC Comics Abandoning Comic Shops?

@MissGsptlsnz @A1waysAJ if you are looking for physical comics or trades I highly recommend Discount Comic Book Service and its sister company In Stock Trades. It’s nice to get comics in perfect condition at deep discounts. Or a trade / hardcover of your favorite story by your favorite creators, shipped in bulletproof boxes.

Great prices and even greater packing. I ordered a single large (and expensive) artist edition. That single book came in the box pictured below and was wrapped in 3 layers of bubble wrap on top and 2 on the bottom. They understand that we are collectors, unlike Amazon.


What?!! What year were you born? [ x ]

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I agree, for the most part. I always buy from In Stock Trades. [ x ]


I just have to add.

I.) I agree with you all. It sucks that Comic Shops are being forced to shut down. I also agree that it was never that good of an idea because it did hurt reaching a new audience.

II.) I agree, I miss seeing comics in regular stores. My first comics were at a party supply store. No cap.

III.) I agree, making it a streaming service may greatly impact the creators. But, what can you do? Kids are growing up with free online entertainment. Why would they want to buy comics?

IV.) I agree that the possibility of prints ending is awful. My personal hope is that popular stories will still get prints. They will be deluxe exclusive collectors editions, you know? And, hopefully the creative team can receive royalties from those prints.

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Oh cool! I’ll have to check this out!

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Just be careful. It can be addicting. :joy:


Wow. That’s the good stuff there.


Thank you, I’m slowly but surely recreating my childhood comic collection and picking up some new classics.


This is the most important thing. It’s not hopping on trends, throwing a shocking swerve into an event, or an event itself. It’s good storytelling. There’s a reason we still read and re-read and discuss some books that are decades old, while some that were released a week ago are forgotten as soon as they’re slipped back into the plastic. That’s what it’s all about- great stories and compelling characters (and in comics, eye-catching artwork is usually a part of the equation, too).

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I Was Born In 1994