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@MissInkBlot Thank you! I think my red lantern Rankorr is my favorite so far, but i might have started working on a new favorite… :wink:

Does anyone have any idea how to get DC to notice you? I really want to work for them

Love stuff like this, have you ever considered making smaller props from lesser known characters of the DC universe? They need some love too

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@Mr.marooned of course! Any suggestions?:wink:

And best way to get noticed by DC is to be prominent on Social media. The more followers the more your stuff gets around via fan accounts and the more likely Someone from DC will see your work. And yeah, I have tons of Ideas, want me to post them here with Pics?

Yeah, that’d be cool! I’m horrible at social media though. I need a PR person or something

That is a very fine piece of art.

There are many books on Kindle on how to get written works published, I don’t know any on artworks. You are right that DC would have to get involved. DC tolerates fan fiction for free, but would not allow any Other works of art to be
advertized, much less sold, due to maintaining their trademarks and copywrites.

The books on kindle on fiction emphasise strongly that

A website be established by the author to advertise the work, months before it is published

That the website contain a blog, with frquent updates to encourage visitors to visit frquently.

First chapter or even early drafts of the work are supplied to those who request it, to encourage enthusiasm for the work and get email addresses.

Visitors are encouaged to supply content by replying to the blog or even giving the blog their own material. Like this site. The Community supplies material in addition to what DC provides.

In this manner, the website gets the email addresses of visitors, which will be used as the work comes nearer to publication. The visitors tell their friends and the site has more visitors.

That is in addition to going to conventions, maybe having a booth, being interviews.

In your case, the website would contain high quality images of your work, or you send high quality versions to DC itself. (Who to send it to, I Don’t. Know)

This a large amount of work, which include technical skills, that people didn’t want to undertake.

I don’t either. I wrote a draft of a novel on two angry angels and their seven immortal allies , who decide to intervene in Germany in 1938, for National Write a Novel in a Month several years ago. Though the characters come from the Bible,Homer, Shakespeare, Camelot, they. Look and feel like super heroes of the dark kind. It later contained an alien invasion, while the first part involves them coming together. Think devil, angel, goddess, invulnerable warrior, shapeshifter, air and water elemental, vampire and ghost. And it just sits on my laptop.

Don’t let that happen to you. Keep showing your work. Tell us your ideas. It is safe because you are documenting your ideas publicly.

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I just looked at your website.

That is a great start.

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Thank you! I actually started another project too, and have begun documenting it. I do do conventions, and I keep winning, even at the world competition level. And I’ve been doing that for a while. If anyone knows who I could get in touch with at DC it’d mean the world. I’m sorry passionate about it and keep making things and learning/inventing new techniques. Here’s hoping I get noticed at some point!

PS that’s a neat premise for a story you have there :wink:

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Green Lantern construct work in progress


Clearer picture of Green Lantern construct wip

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@josephkucej.HalJordan, you’re most welcome! :slight_smile: Regarding your question about being noticed, in case you’re interested in going this route, we do have a question/answer post touching on applying for employment with the company in general here: Is DC Universe hiring? – DC Universe Help Center

Don’t blame you for liking your Red Lantern Rankorr project so much, either, the result was fierce! Is this newest project you mentioned and showed pictures of, the one you referred to being the possible new fav? It’s looking great so far!

Nice work of art. Thanks for the kind words.

I want to discuss the characters in my novel, because it shows what can be done with non copywrite/non licensed/public domain characters.

1 Devil, Lucifer Morningstar, as depicted in the Old Testament, the Book of Job. Satan is his title, not his name, means Accuser in Hebrew. Formerly part of the Court of the Lord. banished because of his ridicule of Lord’s creation Adam. New job is ‘walk on the earth and judge.’ Sucks at his job. He needs help and creates a group with wildly different views, who must unanimously agree to participation of event. Hates humans but works with them so he can get back to Shinning Realm. Will do anything to get home. Keyword Anything. Even if it involves killing hundred of thousand of German Nazis. Big monster against little monsters, though he is very smart and is loyal to his group.

2 Angel, Michael the Archangel, my Hawkman, Superman. Not the smartest, but the bravest.

3 Goddess, Athena, my Wonder Woman, last remaining Greek god, because of Athens being named after her.

  1. Achilles, invulnerable soldier, limitless endurance, stronger than all but Atlas in the Trojan War described by Homer. This hero is the first of many, that would result in the idea of Superman. Spent one thousand years in Hades until Lucifer and Michael rescue him, through advice of Athena.

5 Morgan le Fay, witch, actually follower of the Goddess. Illusion, healing, second sight. A version of Raven.

6 Puck, speedster, shapeshifter, trickster, from Shakespeare and Neil Gain an Hugo winning Sandman story.

  1. Ariel, air and water elemental, from Shakespeare. My Storm.

  2. Eleanore von Schazenberg. Google Vampire Princess Eleanore. Real life person.

  3. Michael Collins, another real life person, brilliant strategist, leader of Irish IRA in 1920s. Ghost, poltergeist. My Deadman.

Time period covered is from 6th Day of Creation to early 21th Century. World events changes on German Night of Kristallnacht, when polgrom against Jewish people stopped by massive Jewish resistance, armed by Lucifer through American gangsters and Palestine sources. Or earlier, when the Nine kill the German High Command (except two not at meeting).Athena turns Hitler into stone using her Medusa shield, and execute two shifts at Gestapo headquarter, at turn of shift, all on the same day.

Result is No Holocust, no World War 2, No Israel. America never becomes industrial giant. Great depression continues. No space exploration. No public Internet. No PCs. No iPhone.

In 2004, world is like 1950s in terms of race and gender. There are only three television networks and one phone company. Nine replaced by other group because refused to go to Vietnam. New group very aggressive, getting technology from aliens and other dimensions. Secret Human resistance lead by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Woz. Old Nine ‘get the band together’ as massive alien
Invasion is imminent. Both groups of Nine joint together to battle invaders, along with group of four young allies. Massive casualties and new status quo.


@MissInkBlot, I appreciate the link, I went to it and it doesn’t seem that there are any available jobs as far as costuming is concerned. I guess I’ll just have to keep making things and hope to get noticed at some point. Also, while Rankorr was my favorite, I’m a massive Green Lantern fan. I hope to make this next costume my best. :slight_smile:

Oh! And yep the one I’m currently working on is the one I’m excited about most!

One suggestion could be to do the H-dial from Dial H For Hero. As it’s small and the comic book is coming back with the wonder comics line of stories.
Note: The H-Dial’s look has changed throughout the years, so it grants a bit of freedom and creativity for you


My persona favorite suggestion would be any of the Sandman masks. A Golden age hero’s that doesn’t get enough love.

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What you could also do, and this one is a bit more different, is Starro. You could do like a legit mask, or since Snyder is doing Jarro in his Justice League run right now you could do something like that

I don’t know that I’d do staro. I’m thinking more mystical showcase, like you’d find in the house of mystery :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ideas I should work on for DC treasures?