DC Crises Summary

So I’ve read most, if not all, of the DC crises. Infinite Earths, Identity, Final, Flashpoint, Multiversity, Convergence, etc. I don’t have a good comics memory, and have forgotten many of the major plot points. Something I would really appreciate, from those that are more well versed than I am, is some kind of reference as to what happened in each one. Major and key events. Could be Encyclopedia entries on the app, or a series of posts. Would be great if they cross reference each other where appropriate. Of course I can dive in and re-read, but time is a factor. Also, sometimes you just want to brush up to better understand current comics. This would be spoilery for many of course, so I understand if the idea isn’t well received. And yes, I know…Google…just thought it would be nice to have in the app :slightly_smiling_face: