DC Daily Celebrates Andrea Romano!

Damn girl, your imdb is impressive as f@#k!


Andrea is the best! I love the extra feature from the Batman/Superman Public Enemies DVD where she has dinner with Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy!


That was a great doco and the best bit “In the immortal words of Jack Parr, here they are, Power Girl!

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I’ve been reading comics since the early 70’s, my first animated experience with DC was the Superman/Aquaman Adventure Hour (later Superman/Batman Hour) in the late 60’s; hence my first experience with DC was animation.
They brought dozens of DC characters straight to my house every Saturday morning. It has been a great and wonderful life long experience not matched or relived until I discovered (with my children) in 1992 the Batman the Animated Series and later the rest of DCAU. Those were big shoes to fill and you’ve done it with grandiose style while creating an entire universe - DC Universe - for all of them to live in and interact together. Thank you so much for helping to create a universe shared with family and friends.

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Already submitted a question, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this photo of Romano from the 80’s from a behind-the-scenes video that was uploaded online!

Bonus! Her animated cameo in an Animaniacs episode.


Hey, when given a new character to cast, was there ever a twist/surprise to that character the show runners told you (in order to cast) that shocked you?

Oh My Granny Goodness! Andrea Romano is a Super Hero to me! I am a HUGE Fan! Her name is just about ALWAYS listed on all of my favorite stuff. I just want to drool in awe of her! Hi! You have influenced me to be a better person just by being you & being Amazing with your career! All of the joy you have brought to Super Fans over the decades of work you have done! Wow! Wow! Thank You for Being You!
I saw that you had the role of a Voice Actor in something I watched not so long ago…
What was it like for you to be the Voice Actor for that, when you are usually the one casting the actors?

Thank You for being SO Amazing! Happy Holidays Andrea!

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Having had the incredible opportunity to get to know Andrea Romano on a personal level from many interviews, and the unique chance to sit in on an actual voice recording session in Burbank, watching Andrea make magic with actors, was amazing. Her love for actors and the craft of making animated films and TV shows comes through in EVERYTHING she does. No single person in the last 30 years has had more impact on the animation industry than Andrea. Her legacy lives on in the thousands of people she has influenced over the years, and like all of them, I am not shy in saying, “I love Andrea Romano!” My question is, why hasn’t there been a full tell-all documentary on the life of this wonderful person?

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I didn’t like Joker’s voice in Under The Red Hood. But besides that, yes I agree.every voice she’s chosen has been perfect.

One the most overrated inviduals in the formation and enduring legacy of the DCAU!

I’m assuming you meant to say “underrated”? :smile:

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Yes I did, I wouldn’t so nonchalantly call someone overrated :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Sorry, Andrea)

Fixed it now, it’s been retconned out of existence.

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It’s okay @joshtheblueguy, we knew want you meant. At your mention of retconning, I went back to your original post. It’s nice to see you fixed that continuity error. :laughing:

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What are your views on Jerzy Grotowski‘s concept of “poor theatre”? (where most all the visual elements are stripped away.) I am curious because your work is done in an environment where actors have nothing to fallback or hide behind (“crutches”) of costume, makeup, sets, etc.