DC Daily Comic Book Club: DOOM PATROL (1987) Issues 23-25

That would make some sense!

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Milhouse Van Houten likes Vaseline on toast. Grant Morrison is rumored to like peyote on his.

Whatever happened to good ol’ butter, jam, and cinnamon sprinklins’? OMG, could I go for some buttery cinnamon toast right now…mmm.

I’m reading these issues now, will fully comment after I sleep some get. Want to I don’t brain my damage.


I am so sad I will not be able to take part this week (It’s busy this week, Batsy is giving me grief). I hope that I can join next week when I get some time to read some comics. Have fun guys!


If @HarleyQuinnSmith calls in - tell her I said hi! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I normally do all this on weekends, but we’ll see.

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finished Issue 23. Really good stuff. Robotman really stole the show. I really think this is the issue where Morrison really found a voice for the character. Also took a really great nap after reading it. All in all highly recommended.


I’m skipping this week, waiting for the show to introduce with the Team

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“bump” what did I miss?

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Read every issue of Doom Patrol on here. Just saw this post. What an amazing, bizarre, tidal wave of creativity!! The Scissormen, The Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E, Flex Mentallo is definitely the “Hero Of The Beach “ . Grant Morrison, Gerard Way, Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, Bruno Premiani. So many more, created a magical world of fiction for fans to deep dive head first into. Cliffs Steele, Rita Farr, Mentallo, The Changeling, Larry Trainor, The Chief, Danny the Street/ Ambulance eventually, driven by Casey. Crazy Jane ( a personal favorite). Monsieur Mallah & The Brain, Madame Rouge, General Immortus, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Man, all of the Brotherhood Of Evil. From the Brain receiving a body, to Madame Rouge fighting both sides of herself, after receiving bolts to the brain. The good bolt designed by The Chief, & zapping her while asleep through a painting near her bed. The original evil bolts, delivered by The Brain. An internal struggle, which led her to eventually love the Chief. Then involuntary killing the Patrol, who sacrificed themselves to save a small fishing village in Codsville, Maine. A perfectly, twisted, mind bending work of art. Total genius at its finest!!!


Hey friends, are you going to read issues #19 and #20? I believe that’s where the Morrison arc begins. Looks like Hector will be discussing two issues a week.



We are going to be “reading ahead” here so they can perhaps use community discussion when they film the show.

Unfortunately the issues 19 & 20 discussion was filmed prior to use getting our footing here!

Of course I recommend the arc before this because like you said it’s the beginning of Morrison’s run.

Issue 19 is a particular favorite of mine. So many great moments.



What a coincidence! Glad to have you!

Gerard Way’s run on the book is one of my favorites. It feels even more crazy than Morrison’s work on the book. Which speaks volumes on the amount of crazy Way can pump out.



MattMcdonald I was tearing thru everything on here haha. I decided I needed a refresher on the Patrol b4 it aired. Never had all those issues in one place. Had half of each read, decided to do every issue on here. 0 regrets. I was sucked in, went straight through em w/o stopping. Good to hear from ya’. I went on a solo, read everything nonstop deal. Glad to catch back up with u.


Whooo boy just finshed Issue 24.

This comic has it all!

Action! Suspense! Drama! A being that might be god and is also Jack the Ripper!

Everything I expect from a good comic.

Seriously what an issue. Great pacing. And I loved the way the issue wrapped up. Without actually giving us an answer on who or what exactly Jack is.

I think this is the strongest issue so far.

Also more of Mr. Nobody is always a great thing.


Also I want to point out how great those horror vibes were in the beginning of the issue. Really good stuff. MORRISON DOES IT AGAIN.

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Amazing three issues – this series (both here and what I’ve read ahead on) truly lives up to the hype!

Agreed with the others about the two-parter involving Red Jack/Jack the Ripper/God, with Crazy Jane’s unique way to get into Jack’s domain and such a memorable crazed villain. Same holds true for Imaginary Friends and the compelling story with Dorothy.


Remind me on discord tomorrow to post my thoughts on #24

Discussion lasts until Sunday night so make sure you jump in and let us know what you thought!

Just read the entire Morison run. Not a big fan. It was hit or miss. There were a few times where he really knocked it out of the ball park. But overall it seemed too self indulgent.

Really don’t see the draw here, I like the original doom patrol, but Morrison is just being weird for the sake of being weird. I may finish his run but I hope it gets better than this.