DC Daily is hyped for the new Batman Run!

Excellent points, @Jay_Kay! Having no knowledge of the story leading up to this point, I found Catwoman’s potential secret to be veeeeerrryyyy interesting.

I also loved the new gadgets! It’s important for Batman’s arsenal to be ever-evolving for both the character and the readers. This series seems to have jumped at the opportunity with a “challenge accepted” attitude. My favorite was the holographic shadows - so clever! “Weird technological nightmare fuel” - love it! :laughing:

…and the toy companies, too. That sweet merchandising scratch is a priority, and then some. :wink:


Intriguing start to his run. I wonder if he wil male nods to his detective run. I only read the start of that and I think I will read more of that.

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Just read part 1 of Tyrion’s Batman run and am very excited to see where this will go. Like a lot of you I loved his run in Detective Comics and was excited to hear he was coming to the ‘Batman’ book! As noted also… Batman speaking to Alfred really got to me too. It was a reminder of the high stakes game Bruce plays every time he puts on the cowl.
ALSO… how about the art!!! Awesome! Loved the splash pages (2 and 3). Classic Batman in the rain. Tony S. Daniel is still at the top of his game!
Looking forward to what’s next!


Solid review, @SamuraiBat22. So true about Bruce playing the “high stakes game” - excellent wording!

I’m happy to see a mention of the art. I always love Batman in the rain (it just seems like a perfect fit for The Dark Knight) and this book really nailed the look!

First impression: the art by Tony S. Daniel is impeccable. Even if there was no story, the panels and splash pages alone are a joy to stare at. Speaking of story, it’s a great start… my interest is piqued to see where this will go. 2 different threads, one with Deathstroke and the other with Joker… I wonder if they’ll converge? Also…we’re getting crazy gadgets, vehicles, awesome fight scenes and a rather succinct and 2 steps ahead Bruce…what more could we ask :slightly_smiling_face:



Have you guys read the Year of the Villains Deathstroke run?

If you haven’t I won’t spoil it but I’m thinking this is all a setup and Lex’s Dark Gift will eventually come into play as far as Deathstroke’s connection to the story.

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The last page of Issue 85 got me SUPER excited!!! And I’m glad to see everyone focusing on Deathstroke and the other assassins because I suspect that we’re in for a HUGE suprise from everyone’s favorite agent of chaos.

After Superman’s big reveal I’m expecting something spectacular!!!


@hashtag-goodtobejo, is this the series?

I have not read (or even heard of) this storyline but I found a link to read (Issue #1) free through DC:

Thank you for the shout-out and heads up! I’ll definitely be checking this out!

*Side Note: I see that Deathstroke doesn’t come in until Issue #47 but I look forward to his appearance.

Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.
You’re going to want to start with the Teen Titans crossover called “The Terminus Agenda.” It begins in Teen Titans 28.

This ain’t your Grandma’s Deathstroke!


:joy: @hashtag-goodtobejo Got it!

Thank you for the reading order link. That helps a lot! It looks like I’ll need to get further in Deathstroke: Rebirth before “crossing over”.

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No problem!
It’s always a pleasure to have these types of conversations here!

Side Note:
Year of the Villain was a lot of fun as well!!!
Just Justice league will keep you fairly up to date but it spans across the entire DC Universe!

It involves over 180 books now.

Now its wrapping up and is starting to tie in to The Batman Who Laughs story line with Bat/Superman.

Hell Arisen just started which will end it all with The Batman Who Laughs facing off against Apex Lex! I’m SUPER excited for those books!!!

…it’s been an exciting year!


I am looking forward to this run but I’m a little disappointed after reading the solicitations today. No spoilers but once again “Gotham City will never be the same”. sigh The people who write copy must keep a template with these cut and paste lines.
Please writers just slow down.

@hashtag-goodtobejo. Yes, I’ve read the whole Deathstroke run. I’ve started reading it again now it’s completely over. I’m not sure if they will address the gift from Lex, as that was wrapped up in the story. It’s hard to say too much without going into spoilers. I loved it tho, the whole run was amazing!

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Thank you, @hashtag-goodtobejo. I agree! I love talking comics on DCU.

Is that a picture of your personal collection?

I’ve recently been deep in Dark Knights: Metal and the tie-ins.


This is my personal collection:

The picture above was my seperate Year of the Villain collection.

It all starts with Metal. From there you’ll want to go to The Batman that Laughs and then to Batman/Superman while at least following Justice League.

Heroes In Crisis is also important but not as much as those three stories.

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