DC Daily Issue

Why did DC Daily cut out before the end of the discussion?

Yes, I noticed this also. If possible could it be corrected and then a message placed in the Watchtower, so we can finish watching. Thanks!

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The team is currently looking into it, apologies in advance for the disruption!

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It’s okay. The good news is DC Comics is doing things right if people want the last couple of minutes of a daily panel.


Hiya! The issue has been resolved, so you can catch the last bit of the discussion. Thanks for your patience!


I’ve been searching for a full panel discussion to watch and have not been able to find one. I’d imagine that the panel discussions talked about and shown briefly in the DC daily was somewhere to see. Guess not?? …or am I using the wrong search words and can’t find it?

I think you are referring to how DC Daily originally appeared on the platform. It used to be broken into three sections: News, Report, and Talk, but after, I believe, Halloween (or somewhere around then), the segments became bundled into a collective daily episode.