DC Daily's Countdown to Crisis on Infinite Earths: Join Us!-UPDATE

It’s been great to see them going issue by issue through the book. While the CWVERSE version isn’t going to have 100+ DC characters in it and I seriously doubt either Kara or Barry will actually die. It will be interesting to see how they handle it.

I’m also glad and somewhat surprised that Hector had never actually read it until now. However, I think it brings a needed perspective to the discussion as I am sure he is not alone. A lot of readers know about crisis, but they have never actually read it either.

The other point I’ll add, is that given his actions in issue 12, if you don’t come away from reading COIE with the knowledge that Darkseid is the most powerful, dangerous and ruthless of all DC “villains”, then you missed a big item that crisis brought. I’ll also add as a personal belief (IMO), that it is COIE that cements the notion that Darkseid is neither good or evil, he is beyond the morality of good and evil. Simply put, Darkseid is.

Spectre facing off against the Anti-Monitor in issue #10 is easily my favorite moment of the series. Seeing all the magic users come together in a last-ditch effort to save all of existence is beyond epic and somehow manages to capture the insane scale of the event in just a few pages. With Jim Corrigan set to appear in the CW’s Crisis, I’m even more excited at the possibility of getting to see this scene play out during the crossover.


Issue #8 was actually the first issue I bought of the series. A little background, I had just moved to Oklahoma and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find any copies of The Flash anywhere, as I had missed the last four or five due to the move. So when I saw this issue, teasing “The final fate of The Flash” I had to pick it up.

Damn issue broke my heart, and I didn’t really ever accept Wally as the new Flash until Waid’s run.

However, I WAS hooked for the rest of Crisis…

I wonder if they’ll keep the Spectre around for the Constantine plot line in LoT?

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Oooh, now that would be an amazing move. W/ Astra as the big bad, John’s gonna need all the help he can get. I know we all want to see him team up w/ Swamp Thing, but having the Spirit of Vengeance on his side would surely give him even greater odds

As @DCDaily mentioned, with the death of Supergirl in #7 bab to back with Barry in #8 was hardcore. I think it’s hard to think of 2 issues back to back that are both that iconic and important to DC history and mythos.