DC Daily's Final Episode: Friday, July 3rd

I guess i would love to see DC daily cataloged for its content… maybe it has been already… so when i want to see all things HQ it will say dc daily episode 72 204 and 94 and so on…I just liked what they had to say about the shows break downs… maybe we will see something like a DC Minute I quick announcement to say hey this is whats up… check this out… or something on that line… TY TY DC universe for all you do for us fans…




Please don’t end this show.
It was a bright spot every day after work.
It was certainly a bright spot during this pandemic.
Worst of all, it ends the day before my birthday.


Hey @Applejack I volunteer to go to sideshow collectibles to discuss new statues now that Sam no longer will be doing that.


Oh no! Thanks for producing this show for all these episodes. I’ll sure miss it when it’s gone.


Two things.

First, I’d like to thank everyone, from the cast and crew on down, who had a hand in making this show special for every kind of DC fan out there, whether they watched it here or on Youtube or listened to the podcast.

Just think: we got 2-3 years and 400 episodes of a talk show centered around all things DC, done in a format that felt like a real talk show, by DC fans and for DC fans! Even back during the All Access days, if you had told me that nerd culture would evolve to that point, I would have lost my mind :laughing:

But seriously, THANK YOU to everybody who gave us this show. This big, vibrant community here on DCU owes a big part of its existence to DC Daily and y’all deserve a giant round of applause just for that!

Second, once again we enter what’s now become an annual tradition of ‘A thing™ happens, and now everyone wonders if DC Universe will be shut down’. I simply don’t have the bandwidth for that conversation, but I direct you to these two posts here and here for my overall thoughts on that.

Simply put, who knows what the future holds tomorrow. My hope is that we get together as a community and enjoy what we have, today and everyday.

Love you guys!


Bummer, I was hoping they’d get to 1,000 shows or more. Then again, there is soooo much competition for eyeballs on streaming channels everywhere right now. We can only watch so many movies and TV shows.

I enjoyed DC Daily, but was not a diehard follower and watcher. It felt sometimes inclusive to me which works for mega comic fans but for those of us who are more general audience comic fans, it seems too niche to have the needed audience.

Maybe they’ll toss the budget over to season 3 of Harley Quinn?!?!? (hint, hint, hint)

Honestly, I don’t know why fans couldn’t make their own version of DC Daily doing exactly what they did. Might not be “official” but look at all the sub communities around here. Fans that love this stuff most certainly could make their own show that covers all things DC. Or maybe there are already are shows that could step in and fill this niche(?)

Thank you to all that made DC Daily and the very friendly hosts. The show will be missed, even by those of us who only watched it here and there.


That’s terrible it was the best thing on here.


I have only been here for a couple of months. I have been a comic book fan for 40+ years. One of the things I loved about the comics industry was how the rock star creators were so personable when you got a chance to meet them and that was super rare for me. Fast forward to the here and now. I joined this incredible service and found DC Daily that allowed me to “meet” so many of the creators I always admired and wanted to meet. DC Daily and DC Universe as a whole(including the amazing community) has rekindled a fire that had cooled in me. Now I read more, watch more and draw more than I have in years. Thank you so much DC Daily cast and crew for all you have given back to me!


Let me echo everything that has already been said. This show was an absolute joy to watch, and I’m sad that it’s going away. Clark said on her twitter that this has been a dream job, well Clark, Amy, Sams, Hector and Whitney, you’ve certainly made it seem that way. Thank you guys sooo much, for your insight, your reviews, but most of all for the happiness you shared with us. I look forward to whatever future awaits you.


I am truly sad to see this show go. This was the only show that I can remember that I actually laughed out loud along with the cast, I really enjoyed every laugh, joke and cajun wager that was made. I am so glad that I was lucky enough to come along for this journey as it unfolded. Thank you @DCDaily cast for all that you have done, you mean the world to me and everyone else who watched. :pensive:

Thanks again Hector (@HectorIsFunny1), Amy (@amy.dallen), Clarke (@clarkewolfe), Whitney, Sam (@samhumphries), Samm (@SammLevine), Tiffany (@tsmitty), Echo (aka Mister Teriffic), Harley Quinn Smith (@hqsmith99) and everyone else who was apart of this great show!!!


I am thankful for all of the episodes that we still have on the app as I will continuingly watch them. I wish nothing but a bright future for everyone involved in this show.


Oh no :sob:


It’s been an honor, you will be missed.


I’m really sad about this news. I really enjoyed the show. I have watched every episode.


While I am not monotized on YouTube I have talked to people who are, and there is a big misconception about how much YouTube ad revenue truly pays. Some can get the views DC Daily videos got and make a living off of it, but they are usually one man shows. Even working from home they employed several people, not to mention editors and whoever else was involved. Plus guessing the guest in most if not all cases were not going on there for free. Especially as few anymore were promoting a specific project but just chewing the breeze.

Most of the DC Daily videos were not making 20,000 views heck a lot never cleared 10k views. That is just not that much money.

There is a perception because you hear about the big channels that YouTube add revenue is huge cash, but for all but the most visited it isn’t. Most YouTubers even if monetized can’t even quit their day job. I mean, I am sure in hindsight the YouTube videos coming back and the podcast were an attempt to bring in more money to keep them going. But I doubt they were close to doing that with no more views then it was getting.


How can you not be a little worried? at&t wants to make HBOMax work above all else. Top priority


Blind optimism. It makes life a lot better to be honest. I don’t have to worry about anything because it’ll all work out. It’s just like blind speculation except without the endless anxiety and doomsaying. There’s generally an equal amount of good news and bad news about the app (though, to be honest there’s more good than bad, as I’ve stated above), and there’s an equal amount of blindness to making inferences based on that news. I just chose to give credit to DCU because they’ve assured us on multiple occasions that there’s no reason to be worried about the future DCU. Others choose to believe in less-than-credible media outlets who live for speculation on these kinds of things.

To be completely and totally honest, though: there’s nothing that we know about the future of DCU. To that extent, there’s nothing that we know about the future of any service which we support and confide in. I just say this stuff because I believe that if you’re going to try to make inferences about DCU’s future, it’s important to see the full scope of the situation. It’s also important to take into account the general credibility of the media outlets that are “reporting” on it. Choose sources that have substantial credibility and develop your opinion from there—if you want to develop an opinion at all. You can also just enjoy the app as it is, and live in the moment. That’s (mostly) what I do.


This is awful news as a DC fan. The info, insights and entertainment DC Daily brought us cannot be replaced and I am very sorry to hear this.

Don’t be sad its leaving, be happy it existed. I’ll enjoy you while I can, DC Daily, and I’ll miss you forever starting on July 4th.


Wow canceling one of the best things about the DC Universe service this is sure not making me think to not renew my subscription