DC Direct Action Figures

Who collects DC Direct figures? I wish these were around when I was a kid! Does anyone keep them in their box? I love to take them out and give them poses!


I don’t have any yet, but im going to start collecting them.


Nice collection there @bryan2814.83147! Yep I collect as well. In fact I just picked up the Superman Red JLA figure and the JLI Blue Beetle figure for a cool $25! I couldn’t believe my luck as the Blue Beetle figure typically sells for around $70 right now by himself.

Will do reviews for them soon.


I collect them. I only collect DC Trinity stuff, and have several DC Direct figures on display. Still have a few on my list I’d like to acquire. You can check out what I have through the link under my profile :slightly_smiling_face:.


Failed to mention that I truly miss the great sculpts DC Direct made for their figures. They were very comic accurate.


Your collection is most excellent!! I need to get one of those cases for my figures!!


Thank you :pray: Your collection looks great as well. Big Ed McGuinness fan?

Display case was an Ikea special.

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DC Direct fan here.

I’m hoping with the return to their original moniker, that we’ll also see a return to the excellent variety of product DC Direct made for years prior to the change to DC Collectibles.

DCC still made a variety of great stuff, but the DCD days had an even greater variety of product derived from the Golden and Silver Ages, along with product that tied into and was released alongside contemporary stories as well.

Nifty setup, @bryan2814.83147! The focus on Kyle Rayner is pretty slick too.


Good luck! Its gonna be a ton of fun! I just started with one, a Hal Jordan green lantern figure then its started growing from there! Get your favorite heroes and villians!! :flash_hv_3:

@ashleywilbanks, Thats awesome!! I love it when there are good deals on toys! I got The Shazam and Batman (black cape) for just 25 dollars too! Let me know when its up and I’l check it out!!

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@moro, yeah! I love Ed Mcgunness! His work is clean and big and reminds me a lot of the books of the 90s where every hero was cut like crazy!! So when I saw the “Justice League Classified” figures of Kyle Rayner then I just had to get it! Which then lead to me buying more figures LOL!!

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@Vroom, Yeah I agree! and Thank you! Kyle is my Green lantern and I cant help but get his figures!