"DC End Of The Decade Awards."

I am a fan of opinions and awards and would like to partake in a DC End Of The Decade awards.

As the 10’s move into the 20’s in just two short weeks, lets present some DC Community Achievement Awards voted by us…the fans.

Some awards will be easy to do…Best DC movie…Best DC TV show…Best DC video game…Best DC cartoon

The comic awards will have a broad field.(Some examples)

Best Writer

Best Artist or Penciller

Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

Best Inker

Best Letterer

Best Colorist

Best cover Artist

Best New Series

Best Female Lead

Best Continuing or Limited Series

Best Single Issue or Story

Best Graphic Album

Best Graphic Album of Original Work

Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work

Best Anthology

Best Syndicated Strip or Panel

Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation

Best American Edition of Foreign Material

Best Domestic Reprint Project

Best New Talent

Best Team Book.

Best Batman Arc.

Best Children’s Book.

Best Vertigo Book.


Is anyone interested in helping me put this together?

I have plenty of free time

I Think we should do all the voting from 12/26-12/21.!


Haven’t read any children’s books or vertigo books before. But would love to help.


So An Idea I have is on 12/26 at 9pm EST we put up an category

(Best Writer). The first 6 writers that gets Nominated(with 3 votes) goes on to the award.

I am opened to all ideas on how to run this.

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Do we include the Sandman Universe comics as a part of “Best Vertigo?” Also what about Black Label (recent though it may be)?

I have not read any Sandman books from the last decade.
A lot of this is opened to everyone to decipher because I doubt anyone has read every DC comic from the last 10 years. Your Imput is important.
So that is open for discussion…and I also have not read a Black Label comic but I would guess that is it’s own category. Aside from Batman Damned has any Black Lable comic story been completed?
I also realize that there may only be a handful of people that can vote in every category…
Thinking about this today I realized that doing a decade awards will be a lot harder than a yearly one but we only get this opportunity every 10 years.

@dogwelder9 Would these awards be limited to DC creators and properties? I see you listed best Graphic Album and Best American Edition of Foreign Material. I vaguely remember a French(?) Batman story that was reprinted in The US, but that’s it for DC. Outside of DC there are many foreign imports (The Donald Duck books as an example).

When I was forming this idea in my head today I went to several sites that have or has given out awards for ideas. So I lifted several of them just to get a general idea of what kind of awards we can throw out. I probably stole the Graphic Album and Best American as well as best American Foreign edition from the Eisner Awards…

A decade is a lot to reflect on.
Sure we can just put up a popularity contest…
Best Male superhero series and list the Batmans, Supermans, Flashs, Green Lanterns,etc…but how about some other names(titles) we found as entertaining like the Booster Gold series or the New 52 Jonah Hex Series or Batman Beyond.

Best writer scott snyder
Best batmsn arc court of the owls
Best dc show young justice
worst nightwing costume new 52


Id recommend secret hero society

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