DC FanDome: Didn’t Get Enough of Hall of Heroes the First Time? Read On!

If you didn’t get a chance to catch all the Hall of Heroes content that debuted at DC FanDome on August 22nd, you’re in for a treat! DC is bringing back all the Hall of Heroes panels, so that you can suit up for an encore on-demand presentation at http://DCFanDome.com on September 12! It will run alongside all the other bonkers content, but remember- you still only have 24 hours to catch it all!

Be sure to carefully craft your personalized schedule here. Or, if it’s all just too much, join one of our specially curated Watch-Along events right here in the community.

We can’t wait to see you there! :superman_hv_4:


Even more Awesome™:+1:


Stoked for what’s next for Doom Patrol!


Awesome! Cant wait.

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I do like that they re-posted all the stuff from the first time around. You know, just in case you missed anything, or got really tired towards the end and wasn’t paying as much attention as you wanted to be. Eight straight hours was a lot the first time.

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