DC History Club: 1990s DC TV Double Feature: Lois and Clark

Yes that new krypton stuff surprisingly had me hooked. They really were pushing budget limits in there and upping everything. Plus it was kinda awesome to see Mallory from Family Ties show up!


I wondered who that was

Watched two more episodes

I found the wedding episode 3 bizarre

Episode 4 was good with Tempus and HG.Wells, set in Robin Hood and Wild West eras due to time travel.

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Halfway through

Episode 11 “'Twas the Night Before Mxymas”
Is the best episode so far

Christmas Eve

An imp from the fifth dimension named Mister Mxyzptlk (Howie Mandel) appears

Groundhog Day

Where only.
Clark knows the
Time Loop is occuring
As the situation
gets worse and worse
when everyone lives the same day over and over again


Oh man I loved that Mxyzptlk episode! It was pretty excellent! I am a sucker for Christmas themed episodes.

I made an observation the other day as I’m finishing up the fourth season. I feel like the Lois and Clark TV was such a good companion show to the Superman comics back then. They will take similar concepts from the comics but put their own spin to it. The awesome side effect for me now is that I start remembering and get nostalgic over the old 90’s comics! But I THINK if I was watching Lois and Clark back then? I wouldn’t have liked it as much because back then I was still that annoying “but that’s not how it is in the comics!” Guy.


Finally watched all 87 episodss of Lois and Clark

The last episode ends with.a Cliffhanger to a fifth season that never happened.

It is like many episodes a mixture of drama comedy romance and a little Superman. The villain is ridiculous but Lois with.Clark is always good

One meta moment. Lois and Clark talk about adoption with a social worker. She gives each a score for suitability for being a foster parent. Clark gets a 97. Lois 17 because she is always in dangerous situation. The social worker thinks Lois is a ‘thrill seeker.’

Other interesting episodes

Episode 13 “Sex, Lies and Videotape” Pictures of Superman in bed with Lois are published.

Episodes 14 and 15 A Tempus two parter “Meet John Doe” “Lois and Clarks”

Episode 20 “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” Criminal switches body with Clark

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Earlier in the fourth season, ABC had announced and promised an additional fifth year of the show, so the show’s producers and writers were caught unprepared when ABC later changed its mind and decided that no new episodes would be produced. The series had weakened in its Sunday 8:00 timeslot and had been shifted to 7:00 in January, and finally a last-ditch move to Saturdays in the spring. The ratings dropped even further, and the show finished its last season at 104th place. ABC made up for its commitment with Warner Bros. by ordering thirteen episodes of a Debra Messing drama called Prey.

Fifth Season that did not happen

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