DC History Club, Muck And Magic Double Feature: John Constantine

New 52 Justice League Dark 9 to 12 is a good story.

Exotic locations
Interesting characters with different abilities

Jeff Lemire is a great writer

But is it a good Constantine story?

Constantine usually works alone.
He uses magic as a last resort
He manipulates people
He doesn’t give them the whole picture
He cons them
Allies have a tendency to die around him

His duties are
Self survival
The Mission

How is this charactetization
Like and unlike
The true Constantine?

In team books
Constantine becomes
More and more
Like a standard super hero.

To what degree is that true here?

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I’ve read Lemire’s run on DCU. I agree he is a great writer. This may be my favorite Constantine run that I’ve read, and that includes Swamp Thing. Course, have the caveat that I haven’t read Vertigo’s Hellblazer which is a giant hole in my Constantine reading. Next year on DCUI? I’m going to bet yes.

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The TV series


Is leaving DCU
On October 23

There are 13 episodes

The Best Episodes are


Other episodes with interesting aspects

Episode 1

First scene with psychiatrist
Establishes a lot about Constantine

Some spooky scenes

First time Chaz ‘dies’

Some DC Easter Eggs
Like Helmet of Dr Fate

Map is shown
Which is used
To point John
To the next supernatural event

Female character and actress is replaced in all other episodes
By Zed which is shown in
Final.shot for a few seconds

Episodes 7

Main plot just doesn’t work

But nice scenes with two angels.

Episodes 10

Explains how Chaz survives

Chaz has divorced wife and a young child. Motivation why he is not with them not convincing

Confusing episode because of lot of flashbacks
Then is much more interesting than current time
And not given sufficient time

Bland old villain.

Summary of Episodes

  1. Non Est Asylum

In the series premiere,
Constantine has voluntarily
checked himself into an
asylum and sworn off
investigating matters of the
supernatural. But with dark
forces gathering power in
the world, he reluctantly
resumes his old life - allying
himself with Manny (series
a rogue warrior angel, and
Chas (series star CHARLES
HALFORD), Constantine’s
childhood protector and
only friend who’s managed
to stay alive. Now, the
irreverent con man and
occult expert takes on a
rising darkness when an
old friend’s daughter, Liv
Aberdine (guest star LUCY
GRIFFITHS) becomes the
target of supernatural
guest stars as Dr. Ritchie
Simpson, a friend from
John’s past who shares a
dark secret.

  1. The Darkness Beneath

Deep in the mountains of
Western Pennsylvania,
John Constantine is a small
mining community’s only
defense against an ancient
Welsh spirit. In the course
of protecting these isolated
innocents, Constantine
finds a vital new ally in a
mysterious young woman
named Zed (series star
LeGROS guest stars.

  1. The Devil’s Vinyl

John and Zed engage in a
dangerous confrontation
to save a woman and her
family from sinister forces,
after a desperate wife
makes a deal with the devil
to save her husband’s life.
Constantine’s efforts force
him to confront the darkness
in his own life - while also
coming face to face with a
powerful new adversary in
Papa Midnite (guest star

  1. A Feast of Friends

When Constantine’s old
friend accidentally releases
a powerful demon, John is
forced to determine exactly
what he is is prepared to
sacrifice in his battle with the underworld.

  1. Danse Vaudou

In New Orleans,
Constantine’s unusual
knowledge of a string of
crimes gets him into trouble
with Detective Jim Corrigan
(guest star EMMETT
SCANLAN). He must form
an unholy alliance with Papa
Midnite when a voodoo ritual
to help people communicate
with their dead loved ones
takes a deadly turn.

  1. Rage of Caliban

When a young boy is taken
over by a malevolent spirit,
John must put aside his
misgivings over exorcising
a child and convince the
parents that their boy is not
all that he seems.

  1. Blessed Are the Damned

While in art class, Zed has
bizarre vision of snakes
that leads her and John to a
small town where a preacher
has mysteriously gained the
miraculous ability to heal his

  1. The Saint of Last Resorts
    Part 1

An old friend calls for John’s
help when an ancient evil
Surfaces in Mexico. A call
from Anne Marie (guest star
a member of the fateful
Newcastle crew, sends John
and Chas to Mexico City
and brings them closer to
the source of The Rising
Darkness. Meanwhile, Zed’s
past comes back to haunt

  1. The Saint of Last Resorts: Part2

John puts his life on the
line as he gets closer to
the source of the Rising
Darkness. In order to fend
off a vicious attack, John
summons a demon into
himself, while Chas, Zed and
Anne Marie race against
time to save John before it’s
too late.

10.Quid Pro Quo

Chas faces a parent’s worst
nightmare, when thousands
of people across Brooklyn
slip into a mysterious
coma - including his Own
daughter. Now, John must
find the evil behind it and
defeat it before it consumes
guest stars as Felix Faust.

11.A Whole World Out There

A paranormal experiment
goes horribly wrong when
a group of students tests
a disturbing theory. Manny
sends John to help his old
friend, Ritchie Simpson,
at lvy University, where a
group of his students have
unknowingly found a way
into an alternate dimension
only to be met by a maniacal
killer (guest star WILLIAM

  1. Angels and Ministers of Grace

When John heads to a local
hospital to investigate a
mysterious attack of an
ancient evil resurfacing, he
enlists an unwitting Manny
to help him. Meanwhile, a
health scare causes Zed to
question the source of her

  1. Waiting for the Man

In the first season finale,
John and Zed return to New
Orleans when Detective Jim
Corrigan asks for their help
in the case of a missing
girl. And while Papa Midnite
takes steps toward exacting
his revenge on John, the
truth behind the Rising
Darkness comes to light.

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The 2005 Constantine movie
Has little to do with.the DC version

He is an American
With dark hair
An action hero.
With.a big golden gun

He does smoke a lot
And has cancer as a result

Shia LaBeouf plays
A version.of Chaz

The best thing in the movie is

Tilda Swinton in her two scenes


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100% agree Tilda Swinton is fantastic in Constantine. Like her, the character is strange, beautiful and faintly threatening. Watched the movie for the first time here on DCU. As it’s own thing, it’s enjoyable enough, but it’s Constantine’s American cousin, not John Constantine.

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Just watched
Constantine City of Demons
Available free
on CW Seed App
Not by browser though

The ending was very good

But I felt I had to drag myself
Through most of it

Audience in Rotten Tomatoes
Was 77%
Not enough reviews from critics To get a score

Similar to Episode 10
of TV series

In that it concerned
Chaz his wife and child
Chaz separated from wife
But just an ordinary human
Daughter under spell again

Also features Nightmare Nurse

And Negal the demon
That took away Astra

Can’t really
Recommend it
But okay
For completists

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Finished reading the Justice League Dark arc, I think for the 3rd time. Even if you just come in for this story, it’s very enjoyable. Lemire writes a great team book with plenty of interaction but also time for some first class character work. Comparing this to the current Wonder Woman led JLD, Constantine’s role change is interesting. In Lemire’s story, Constantine is very much driving the action and acting as the leader of the JLD, even when his teammates don’t want him to led. In the current run, he follows along when it suits him, helping and manipulating towards his own ends. As fun as Lemire’s is think the current run is closer to the core character.

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Week 3

2018 The Hellblazer
19 to 24 tim Seeley
Constantine meets Huntress Helena Bertinelli


Do you thinks the two characters work well together?

Is the use of London
As an environment convincing?

Does Helena ever need to be in costume or
Could she do everything
In civilian clothes?
(Comic book conventions aside)

Does the ending with
John.and Helena
Come out of nowhere?

Animated video

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Constantine is the major player in this animation.

The actor
his appearance

What other attributes of
The canon Constantine
Appear here?

What parts are unbelievable
Or uncharacteristic?

In the world of
The comic book Constantine
He is reluctant to use magic
Or can’t because
He needs certaim items for the spell
Some spells in the TV series
Shorten. His life by a few days

Constantly uses magic
At a very high level
Throught the movie
How is that lossible

His encounter
With Swamp Thing
Does he accomplish
His task
With mere words

Any other examples?

Polls and Quiz
Are up

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Best supporting character from the show is hard because they cast the show so well. And both versions of JLD are very good. Finally, tip like the animated movies but care about other venues more, but JLD Apokolips War is great and Constantine plays a central role.


Only got one dead magician wrong and for that I get sacrificed :sweat_smile:


thanks for doing this, @TurokSonOfStone1950!

i think my favorite series is the Vertigo one, but of the ones on DCU I picked the one drawn by Riley Rossmo because 1. I don’t like Constantine on a team, and 2. Riley Rossmo’s art :heart_eyes:


You did great on the quiz

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thank you!


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I had great fun
With some of the choices
In the quiz questions

I would love a series
Where Corrigan
Becomes Detrctive Chimp

Or a mini
Constantine is
based on Elton John

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