DC Legends

Does anyone here play DC Legends mobile game?

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I play it!

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I do! I’ve been playing it since launch day. I’m only missing Ocean Master, and I’ll have every character.

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I came to it a few months ago, but it’s pretty addicting.

Kind of a bummer you can only get/buy certain hero fragments at certain times. I have the SS Harley and Stargirl but can’t advance their levels because no fragments available for the last few months. I understand it as a business model. But as a player I wish hero fragments were generic and could be applied to any hero.



I agree. A big reason why I rarely play it now is because I can’t focus on the characters I want but instead have to grind through with whomever I can until fragments become available again for the characters I favor.

I totally understand, right now I’ve Captain Atom a legend 1 and Luthor to legend 1 and getting close to a legend 1 Batman. These next few weeks is The Spectre. I’m hoping to get a 2nd 3 rd legend level Spectre character. I think he could bring a lot of damage to my team.

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I like it

I have. I go back and forth playing it like crazy and then removing the app for other stuff. I really like it when I’m playing it.

Yeah I play it and enjoy it. I have every character and have been playing since launch. Trying to at least legend every character at the moment.

I’ve been playing for a year now. Ever since I got a raise, I found myself becoming a whale in this game.
I totally understand why people went nuts over Clash of Clans now.

Not as much as I used to, but I play it. I’ve pretty much hit a point where I need to focus on beefing up the characters I have in order to continue.

Played it, but it frustrated the heck out of me. Hopefully they’ve fixed those parts, because it had a good core, but parts were just… aggravating. Pay to win characters, pay to win drop fixes to broken characters (Deathstroke rebuild with Swamp Thing or Lobo absolutely WRECKING PVP, fixed by dropping Premium character Red Hood) PVP issues… honestly, DC Unleashed was a better game imho, but I don’t think that’s ever getting a global release.


Does anyone have a good alliance with active players in here that I can join? I am currently in one, but only have about 8 people active at any given time. Super frustrating not have people that play daily.

I get on every day. My alliance is “Log Horizon” but the other 3 members are fairly inactive. Anyone that wants to join is welcome.