DC Legos

I saw this one on Aliexpress.

Looks like that one SHAZAM! is no longer available on Aliexpress.

A hooded Shazam will be part of the Riddler Heist set that will be available this summer. The only other official Shazam mini fig appears to be the 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

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Shazam and that Burton-esque Batwing make that set quite interesting.

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Has anyone seen the Aquaman movie set at Walmart recently? It comes with Arthur, Mera, Black Manta, a shark and Black Manta’s ship.

I was out and about today at different Wally World’s but I saw it at 0 locations. Target still has it in abundance, but I was just wonderin’ about Walmart’s availability of it.

Started buying DC Legos from day 1. Still have the first promotional Lego mag introducing the first sets. Still buying sets. Also like all the options of buying DC custom lego-type figures on ebay from an assortment of international sellers. Custom make my own Bat and related vehicles from tubs of spare pieces.

I picked up the Bat-Shuttle from Walmart this week for $55! It’s so awesome I can’t wait to put it together soon.